Setup Outlook Express, HELP !

  roygbiv 12:10 12 May 2003

In December 2002 I rang my ISP (giointernet) to ask about setting up Outlook Express(6) . I was sent a file containing the relevant info. To install the settings on my PC.
I haven’t been able to use the account as it only send’s email to Hotmail account’s.
I am unable to send email’s into O.E (as from any account I get a mail “failure” notification) even if I use the “reply” button (to make sure the email address is correct) it just says “mail failure”. I am loath to keep ringing the helpline (as I am disabled it is not a very good situation for me to deal with) and something I could printout and could use (in my own time) would be very usefull.

Is there someone who could explain (clearly) what I could do (and how to go about it). (using XP) Many Thanks. Alan.

  Eagie 12:38 12 May 2003

1) Open Outlook Express

2) Select the Tools menu and then the Accounts option.

3) Click on Add and then select Mail

4) In the white box type in your name as you would like it to appear on the emails you send.

5) After you have entered your name click on the Next button at the bottom right corner of the window.

6) Now type in your email address and click on next.

7) You'll now need to enter the server names which are (if you are on normal, unmeterd dialup):

Incoming Mail Server:
Outgoing Mail Server:

Click on Next.

8) Now enter your username and password - these should have been supplied by your ISP.

9) Click on Finish and that should be that!

  leo49 12:40 12 May 2003

Is your email account with GIo?

If So,What service do you have with GIO? eg unmetered,payasyougo,etc.

Then go here:

click here

and follow instructions.

If your email account is with someone else,post back and we'll take it from there.


  leo49 12:41 12 May 2003

Too slow!

  roygbiv 12:48 12 May 2003

Thanks for the quick response. Eagie, Very easy to follow (Thank You) i will try it now.

leo, email account with gio. unmetered.

  leo49 12:54 12 May 2003

I only asked which account type as it affects what you enter for incoming/outgoing servers - but eagie has sorted that out for you.


  roygbiv 13:06 12 May 2003

Just tried the settings. Outgoing emails,fine
into O.E from Hotmail = [email protected]
failure. So no go there, Sorry.

  roygbiv 13:25 12 May 2003

Just tried

stilloutgoing =yes incoming = no


  leo49 13:32 12 May 2003

I'm a tad confused here; if your email account is with Giointernet then where does Hotmail come into it?

  roygbiv 13:42 12 May 2003

I may be wrong, but i thought hotmail was a separate thing altogether ????

I have been using Hotmail for about 3 years, i have done nothing with O.E. until now. (can (or cant i have these 2 emails??).

Have tried all gio's settings to no use (no emails into OE from anywhere). I suppose i will have to ring the helpline (but if they want me to write things down that's impossible, i cant even remember what they say to me !!)

  leo49 13:50 12 May 2003

Exactly - Hotmail is a web-based email provider.

At 12.48 you said your email account is with Giointernet.

At 13.42 you said you've been using Hotmail for 3 years.

That's why I'm confused.

Have a look at this page [if as I suspect your ISP is Gio, but your email account is with Hotmail]

click here

We'll sort this out - don't go wasting any money on helplines.:o)


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