Setup inspecting hardware..........

  Stowit 15:50 28 Oct 2005

My AJP 350I (750mhz, 256k 10gig(circa~1999)) ran Win ME. I thought a fresh XP install would refresh it, but on installation it hangs with the above message. I read some stuff in Microsoft knowledgebase relating to Win NT, & thus flashed the Bios to the last release. Ive tried formatting & then all manner of Bios settings to no avail. Any ideas/suggestions?

  Diemmess 16:08 28 Oct 2005

Some of your system is very marginal to run XP, particularly the HD capacity and the RAM. XP is very hungry for both.

It might be a good idea to go back to ME to make sure you can get this up and running again. If you do, then use an ME startup disk, and format your HD before trying to install a fresh copy of ME.

Keep an eye open for unfavourable changes you may have made to the BIOS and if in doubt revert to the factory default settings.

  DieSse 16:25 28 Oct 2005

The basic specs should run WinXP just fine - but there may be incompatible hardware in the system not supported correctly by Win XP.

I suggest you email their support and ask [email protected]

  Stowit 18:02 28 Oct 2005

AJP have prooved not to be very helpfull at all, even when it was new (being polite). They just say support for this model's finished & they don't support XP with it as ME was the supplied O/S. I think it should run XP. I think it's a hardware issue though. I've put Me back on, but had my heart set on XP, just don't know where to go to proceed.

  DieSse 18:08 28 Oct 2005

Several XP compatibility checks here.

click here

Unfortunately just thinking it *should* run XP is not enough!

  Stowit 19:15 29 Oct 2005

Thanks, I'll do some checks this week, the pc spec exceeds XP requirements, & I know of lower spec ones running XP ok. I'll 'resolve' for now & re-post when I've narrowed it down (if possible)

  woodchip 19:24 29 Oct 2005

I will go with DieSse on is first post

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