Setup cannot install Win98..HELP

  geoff47 21:59 31 Aug 2003

I started another thread but I have left it too long...I am back with the main information about the problem and it is major I believe.
The PC bought second hand by friends has been abused by the kids.It is a Compaq deskpro EP/SB
Pentium(r) 450hz
Processor speed 450/100 HZ
processor stepping 673..Cache 32/512KB..memory128MB
The problem is it wont boot into Win98 but hangs on the welcome screen...I hit F10 to enter setup to get the information posted here.
I tried to load the Win98 CD and reinstall but got the message "setup cannot install win98"
Followed by the advice that the PC doesnt have a Hard disk or it isnt functioning correctly or it needs a special device driver.
When trying to use my own system restore disk Norton Ghost wont load with the message
"critical error" OxOC general failure cannot open ghost invalid destination drive.
If you wait for the boot sequence to finish which is none exsistant but takes ages a blue screen with the message
"non system disk or disk error replace and strike any key to continue" there is nothing in any drive and hitting any key just seems to refresh that message.
Is that enough for you helping angels to get your teeth into?
I have had my problems but this beats mine hands down...any advice will be most gratefully recieved.
Thanks in advance Geoff47

  smiddy 22:01 31 Aug 2003

get a new hdd

  woodchip 22:10 31 Aug 2003

I seam to remember asking you if Disc overlay software was loaded on the Drive, as lot of people use this for one of two reasons its east to setup a drive or the most important is that Bios will not support the size of the drive without the Bios being flash upgraded. To find out if it's got the above watch the boot screen for something on the lines of Maxblast or Seatools

  woodchip 22:23 31 Aug 2003

Easy not east

  woodchip 23:34 31 Aug 2003

Does it say Disc Manager when you start the comp

  geoff47 00:03 01 Sep 2003

The only thing that shows at boot up is the Compaq welcome screen and a message to press F10 to enter setup,you can enter set up but everything seems to be slow reacting.When I rebooted with boot disk in nothing happened other than normal,and with the System restore Pack everything stopped as reported.I have never been asked about Disc overlay, this is a new thread,sorry Woodchip I think you have my query confused with something else.
Any help please?

  woodchip 00:15 01 Sep 2003

Have you tried safe mode by keep pressing F8 when it starts

  geoff47 00:28 01 Sep 2003

In short Woodchip goes straight to setup,and then gets lost from there.

  woodchip 19:25 01 Sep 2003

I will try one more thing it's what I told you when you tried to load Star Office, That is copy the Win98 folder to the hard drive and see if it will run from that As you have tried running the setup from the CD I presume you now how to get from the A:\ run with CD-ROM support to the CD Drive to load setup. Insted of running setup try copy Win98 to C:\ so it looks like this at DOS at your CD-ROM letter the X is the drive letter

X:\>copy win98 C:

Then you can change to C:\ when you are there type

Win98\setup and press enter see how that goes if any

  hector allan 19:40 01 Sep 2003

Hi there

Boot problems 98.........

Use Boot disk

At A:> write fdisk/mbr
Enter.........Resets master Boot record.

Hope this of some help......................?

  hector allan 16:29 02 Sep 2003

Boot problems 98

If you use this procedure I gave, please use the Boot disc prepared for this m/c only.....?
If the MBR can`t find a bootable partition, it`ll issue a message that says "MISSING OPERATING SYSTEM".......The majority of viruses are boot sector viruses......Your floppy should be write-protected to prevent the virus infecting it too.

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