Setup advice wanted for TFT monitor (DVI etc)

  Faser 18:43 25 Mar 2004

I have just bought a 19" TFT monitor,(Thanks Pcdirect). I'm really pleased with it, however I have a couple of queries:-

The instructions correctly say it should run okay using Windows XP as it is a plug and play device, however the drivers can be loaded if required. Would there be any advantage in loading them?

Also the monitor is running fine using the mobos on-board nVidia drivers; is worth getting a graphics card to use the DVI? I rarely play games but do a lot of digital photography.

  Rayuk 18:52 25 Mar 2004

If you are happy with the quality of the screen as is would leave it alone no sense in having to up your outlay[price for tft is enough]

Only advise I would give is to use clear type setting[perhaps you already do]

  Faser 22:31 25 Mar 2004

Thanks Rayuk that makes sense- I'm sure you have helped me before.

This is the link to the spec for my monitor click here
I cannot say what its like for gaming however the 25ms response time has no problems with fast moving films.

I purchased the monitor from the excellent pcnextday, not where I said before.

  Djohn 22:39 25 Mar 2004

I have the 17" version and it's superb. FE also bought the 19" version last week. ;o)

It's an AOC for anyone wondering which brand.

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