settings - how many pixels??

  JOHN232 22:07 31 Dec 2005

I'm looking at settings in display properties and I says 'screen area' 800 x 600 pixels and then there's an adjustment which says 'less' and 'more'. If I were to adjust this what would the effect be, and where should it be set?

  hzhzhz 22:09 31 Dec 2005

Try 1024 x 768 see how you like it.

  Fingees 22:14 31 Dec 2005

It's a matter of personal preference plus the ability of you videocard/monitor.

Usually the only options will be those your videocard/display will accept.

I run mine at 1024 x 768, as my monitor will only work at that plus 800 x 600

if you get it wrong the screen usually tests ands asks if you want to keep that disply resolution.

if you don't say yes it reverts to old setting.

hope this helps

Happy New Year.

  Stuartli 22:22 31 Dec 2005

Also set the Refresh rate to 85MHz - this is the best all round setting for the majority of users to prevent the possibility of flicker.

If you right click on the Desktop>Properties>Settings>Advance, you should find a List All Modes button.

This details all the resolution, colour and refresh rates your graphics card supports.

Try out various settings to find out which suits you best and then Apply and OK it.

  freaky 12:39 01 Jan 2006

I presume you have a CRT Monitor, not a TFT.

If you do have a TFT then set the resolution to the number in your manual i.e. 1280 X 1024 for a 17" TFT.

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