The settings are in spanish!!! (printer)

  Dearersteak 13:06 24 Mar 2003

I have a dell dimension 8200 and am running XP home. I also ordered an Epson Stylus photo 810 with the machine. Now I have had no trouble with this set up till now. Yesterday, I tried to print a document off, and the black appeared just to die over the course of a page. Now according to the printer, it’s still half full, and this make senses because it’s still a fairly new cartridge. No I believe that the heads need a clean, because the other day when printing a photo of, the black did seem to be leaving lines across the photo. Now I’m sure that the printer has a self cleaning feature on it, but that’s where I encounter my second problem.
Now when I received my dell, it came with everything preinstalled which was rather handy. But for some reason, all the manuals, settings, everything relating to the printer, Is in Spanish and I don't have a clue on where to start on going about changing them over to English without having to re-install the whole thing

Any other details you need let me know.


  €dstow 13:10 24 Mar 2003

Go to the Epson website and download the up-to-date drivers and status monitor click here

Remove the Spanish drivers and install these.


  Dearersteak 13:27 24 Mar 2003

well, i installed the new drivers which was'nt a problem, but its still all in spanish. Any other idears???

  DieSse 13:59 24 Mar 2003

Are the Regional settings for your system set to Spain??

If so, reset to English (UK) - then uninstall and re-install the printer software.

  Dearersteak 14:02 24 Mar 2003

the machine is set in english, but i'm going to un-install/re-install the software because i think thats the only way its going to work.

will let you guys know if it works or not

  Dearersteak 14:11 24 Mar 2003

well, i re-installed the printer, but its still in spanish, but it seems to be printing in black fine now, so i'm going ot leave it for th time being. Thanks to all

Green tick on the way

  €dstow 14:47 24 Mar 2003

Are you removing the old drivers from "Printers & Faxes" on the start menu or from Add/Remove Programs. Deleting from Add/Remove is likely to leave things behind (like the Spanish text).

The printer must be deleted completely from the Printers & Faxes menu by highlighting and then clicking on "Delete this printer". You should then be able to re-install the new drivers and status monitor that you have downloaded from the Epson site.


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