Setting up your Wireless - Help please

  Ritchbee 18:02 19 Jul 2008

Hi Guys,

Now I am a real novice so I apologise if I don't make much sense. I have read the instructions from both Sky and Linksys but still not quite sure.

I've decided to change over from NTL to Sky broadband. They have sent me a modem which I have to plug into my telephone socket etc.

Currently I have an NTL modem which has a cable that runs from the front door through the living room to where the PC resides.

As the phone socket is near the front door which is a little way from the PC I therefore want to use a Linksys Broadband router to get the signal there. (Does this have to be placed near or next to the modem?)

What I can't understand is how the PC picks the signal up.....if you get my meaning. I have a USB network Adapter do I use this plugged into the PC?

Can I the line that goes into my Sky+ box be used for the router as that would be closer to the PC.


  tullie 18:40 19 Jul 2008

The Sky installation cd tells you exactly what you have to do,i assume you have this?

  iqs 21:04 19 Jul 2008

If I understand your thread correctly,(Does this have to be placed near or next to the modem?),you don't use the modem,just the router.The router should be a Modem/Router.

My mother is on SKY BB,she was supplied a Netgear modem/router.

Once you have installed the Router,you would install the adapter software to connect to the router.

Are you trying to connect the PC to the router as well as the USB adapter???

  Forum Editor 19:23 20 Jul 2008

Connect the router to the incoming telephone socket and then use the supplied ethernet cable to connect the router to your PC. This is a temporary connection to enable you to set up the router according to the instructions that came with it.

Once the router is set up and working you can disconnect the cable to the PC and use the USB wireless adapter. You don't have to do this, you can leave the ethernet cable connected if you like, but as your PC is in a different room you will presumably want to use the wireless method.

Run the USB adapter's software on the PC before you plug the adapter in. Once that's done, plug in the adapter and watch the system tray (bottom right of your screen) for a sign that a wireless network has been detected. If you live in a built-up area you'll more than likely find that several networls are detected - look for yours, and click 'connect'.

Once you're happy that all is working well you can go back into the router's setup section and enable a security password, so half the neighbourhood doesn't start using your broadband connection for free.

  tullie 22:24 20 Jul 2008

Spot on FE

  Ritchbee 22:33 20 Jul 2008

Thanks for great advice but still one problem.

The telephone socket is a long way from the PC so the ethernet cable will not do you get round this problem?

  tullie 23:10 20 Jul 2008

Is it possible to sit your pc near socket until you set it up,it will only take a few minutes.I believe that you can get longer cables,but dont know how this will affect things?

  Ritchbee 23:41 20 Jul 2008


I shall try that!!


  tullie 05:58 21 Jul 2008

Let us know how you get on.

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