Setting up XP Home for 2 users

  corc2 18:10 17 Jan 2004

I have recently installed XP Home Edition and I have created an account for my wife as a limited user. However, when the account is accessed, there is no internet connection. We have bluyonder broadband which is not listed under the network settings as it is on my account and I can find no obvious checkboxes to allow internet connection sharing. Any help appreciated. Many thanks in advance.

  Jester2K 18:10 17 Jan 2004

What happens when you double click the IE icon? Error Messages?

  Jester2K 18:12 17 Jan 2004

I was going to add i have Blueyonder BB, Windows XP and i run 3 limited accoutns which all had access to the internet automatically when set up. Didn't have to do anything.

ICS (Internet Connection Sharing is for sharing a connection on one PC with another PC and not users)

  corc2 19:24 27 Jan 2004

I tried to set up a home network via the network wizard but at the end it says there is a problem that won't allow the wizard to create one. It helpfully gives no indication of what it is or where the problem lies. It does however say that I can set it up manually but at the moment I have just made my wifes account an administrators so she can use tinternet. Just a moment........Whats that darling? don't want to format my hard drive....nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!

  Stuartli 09:31 28 Jan 2004

ICS enables an Internet connection on one PC to be used by up to 10 other PC users - you only have one connection and one modem.

By sharing you don't need to configure each computer for Internet use.

The XP computer is the ICS host (for ease of setup) and the others access it to get Internet information; client computers only need a network adapter to connect to the host and can use any Windows version from 95 onwards.

It doesn't work, however, with some versions of AOL.

This thread is on the same subject:

click here

  wildrover 14:25 28 Jan 2004

Jester is right in pointing out what he does. Both this thread, and the one you refer to above, are about multiple users on ONE computer. No need for ICS.

  Stuartli 15:08 29 Jan 2004

corc2 also states: "I tried to set up a home network via the network wizard.."

  corc2 00:47 30 Jan 2004

There is an option when you go through the network wizard to choose a description of the network you want to set up. I chose the option "this computer connects directly to the internet I do not have a network yet" (or thereabouts). When you run the wizard, one of the reasons to create a home office network listed is 'to share an internet connection'. Now to me it is irrelevant that there is only one computer on the network i want to create because surely I am creating two VIRTUAL computers. Granted they share the same physical hardware etc but surely the whole point of being able to create multiple users is to create multiple virtual computers. Therefore why is it so difficult to set up and why do I need to set up a network in the first place? I am a fairly competent computer user but frankly I don't want to start messing about with network protocol settings etc - thats what the wizard is there for. I telephoned Blueyonder Broadband £1 a minute helpline and all they did was ask me to run the wizard which I had already done. As I described in my last posting above, the wizard says there is a problem but not what the problem is or how to resolve it, just that I can set up a network manually. I don't want to do it manually because thats why i ran the wizard. Also, now my wifes account is an administrator, why does it allow her to connect to the internet even though i havn't changed any connection or network settings? I'm sorry if i sound ungrateful- i'm not -I really appreciate the advice.

  JerryJay 02:00 30 Jan 2004


You complicated things unnecessarily. When you creat a new account, this new account should be able to access all computer's hardware resource including Internet connection. Internet sharing does not applied to your case because it is about sharing an internet connection among a number of computers (including PDAs). Maybe you can creat another account and try to logon to that new account and start Internet Explorer (from start menu) and type a web address and see what happen. Technical support of most companies are just waste of money and time. Do not run network wizard again on the new account. For one thing, the limited account should not be allowed to change any setting (including network).

By the way, I am typing this message on a new account I just created to check my theory, and I tested on WinXP home, WinXp Pro & Win2K, all the same. In conclusion, no need to do anything to tweak network setting when you create a new user account.

  wildrover 09:28 30 Jan 2004

As JerryJay says, your wifes' account will have access to all the computer's resources. No need for network sharing.

What you do need to do is input the ISP details in Internet Explorer and the email details in Outlook Express on your wife's new account.

Your ISP details on your wife's account are input (when logged on to her account) through 'internet connections', 'create a new connection' and follow the wizard.

Input the details in OE by opening up Outlook Express when she is logged on and choosing tools, accounts, add and follow the steps. Your ISP should be able to give you all the details. You may need to contact them for a new email address for your wife if you have not already got one.

The two variations of IE and OE on your computer will act independently of each other in terms of favs, history, etc. in IE and inbox, email, OE

  wildrover 09:19 31 Jan 2004

"Input the details in OE by opening up Outlook Express when she is logged on and choosing tools, accounts, add" should be - Input the details in OE by opening up Outlook Express when she is logged on and choosing tools, accounts, Mail, add.

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