Setting Up Work From Home

  Tywynn 13:46 13 Apr 2015

Firstly, I should point out, I'm not a trained IT professional or anything, but to save on cost my employer asked me to take over the IT here as I do have some history working with computers.

Now I've been given a slight challenge in that my boss and one of my co-workers now want to be able to work from home. I know that I can set up a remote desktop connection and have them access the work network that way, however they actually bring their computers home with them (They both use laptops) and want to be able to simply connect to the network on the computers they take to and from work with them. I'm not sure if a remote connection would work since the computer that they would otherwise be remoting into will actually be the same one that they will be using. Are there any specific steps that I can take to get them into the system without having to purchase additional software to allow them to do so?

  wee eddie 14:10 13 Apr 2015

I would do my best to escape this poison chalice.

Should anything go wrong, it would be your job on the line and there is even a possibility that their Insurers might try to charge you for any losses incurred.

  lotvic 14:11 13 Apr 2015

I'm not an expert either, but surely they are wanting to access the work server that has all the work files on? As per explained in this article click here

  Tywynn 14:13 13 Apr 2015

The problem with remote access is that they would have to, in theory, leave the computer that they will be using logged on and with access to the network. However, they will be taking the computer with them and want to continue to have access on it once they are no longer physically connected to the network.

  lotvic 14:14 13 Apr 2015

as wee eddie points out, security would be the nightmare (and your downfall)

  lotvic 14:22 13 Apr 2015

Tywynn, your post illustrates why you should not even attempt to be in charge of this project.

  lotvic 14:34 13 Apr 2015

Perhaps I should clarify my post (at 2:22PM)

IMHO and with respect, I do not see how in a timeframe of 2 minutes you could have fully read and understood the contents of the page I linked to and also composed and posted your reply to my post.

  lotvic 01:46 14 Apr 2015

I do hope Tywynn takes the time to fully read the link I posted as he/she will find all the info there that is needed to understand the options to enable personnel to work from home.

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