Setting up wireless router with a wired router

  Flopper 07:56 20 Sep 2006

As an absolute beginner to this I am attempting to set up a wireless network to use my notebook with a wireless router together with my PC which is attached to a wired router with 2 other PCs.
In effect the 2 routers will be connected but the wireless router will govern the notebook only, while the 3 PCs remain wired. I do not intend to go wireless with the PCs.
I need someone or a web site which will guide me in simple language, using diagrams, pics, etc, telling me what the cable configurations are at each stage of the setup and eventual usage, etc.
Both my wired and wireless router are Netgear.
My notebook is 'network ready' but I do not have an adaptor. Do I need one?

  Strawballs 10:26 20 Sep 2006

You don't need both routers because wireless routers usually have 4 ports for wired connections I hve both wired and wireless off of my wireless router.

  Flopper 20:17 05 Jan 2007

Got the wireless network working by doing something I am sure I have done before.
Apparently I bought the wrong wireless router.
However, by running a network cable from the spare 4th port on the wired router in to which the 3 PCs are connected, and running the other end into the 'internet' port on the wireless router I am now wireless, albeit with 2 routers rather than one, but I can remedy that if I so wish by buying the correct router.

  Strawballs 22:37 05 Jan 2007

Do you have a cable BB or ADSL (over the phone line)

  Flopper 22:57 05 Jan 2007

It looks like I bought a router designed for a direct cable connnection such as NTL or C & W wheras my broadband is delivered via a phone line (ADSL).

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