Setting up a wireless router

  Cyberbia 17:39 10 Dec 2005

My mate has just bought a Belkin Wireless Router. He's asked me for help, but I've never set up a wireless router/network before.

He has had his NTL broadband modem and wireless router installed next to his front door.

His PC is at the back of the house in a conservatory.

(He only has the 1 PC).

He wanted the cable modem and router by the front door as he didn't want the cable running around the house - either inside or outside.

We've just tried to set up the wireless router, but the instructions says that the PC must be connected to the router as well.

We contacted the shop where he bought the router from, and they told him that his PC will only need to be connected to the router during the initial installation. After that, his PC can be disconnected and placed anywhere he likes in the house prodiding it has the wireless flash drive plugged into the USB port at the back of the PC.

Is that correct?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:19 10 Dec 2005

As the shop says, he will need to connect the PC to the router via a cable until it is configured. After that he can use the wireless option.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:35 10 Dec 2005

Did it work?

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