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Currently with Wanadoo Broadband, running from my desktop machine. In two days time they will be offering a new service called Broadband Plus for the same price (£17.99) This includes what they call a Livebox, which is a combined modem and router. Am I right in thinking that I will also need something like this click here or one of these click here plugged into my laptop so the two can see each other, and that is basically all there is to it. Or is it more complicated than that.

As usual grateful for any help.

  [DELETED] 12:47 07 Mar 2006

Both the USB and laptop card wireless adapters are "single" wireless devices which need to be co-ordinated by a wireless router device.

Assuming your Wanadoo Livebox does not have wireless capability, you will need a Wireless Access Point (WAP) device which in most instances are fully fledged Wireless Routers in their own right.

You will need to get either a WAP to talk to your laptop with a wireless laptop card (and any other wireless clients). Or get a Wireless Router which can be set to act only as a WAP device.

Doesn't Wanadoo offer an option of a combined modem and WIRELESS router instead? That would save you having to buy a separate WAP, leaving only the wireless laptop card for your laptop (which presumably does not have built-in wireless capability)

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It is a combined modem and router, and no, the laptop has nothing built in. I think I'm ok now, thanks. Give me a Domain any day, they're easy.

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Sorry, misread your post; it is a wireless router I guess? USB devices need to communicate via another (USB) layer, so theoretically the wireless laptop card's PCMCIA direct interface is preferable.

Another pointer is to find out what the highest security capability is on the Wanadoo router (WEP, WPA-PSK, WPA-PSK2) and get a wireless adapter for your laptop which can match the highest security method available.

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Thanks Danoh, will bear that in mind.

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