Setting up wireless network

  SteevScotland 00:58 03 Dec 2003

I plan to set up a wireless network between two desktops and a centrino laptop. I will use the network for shairing a broadband connection and syncing outlook on my laptop to outlook on my desktop and possably streaming the odd mp3.

what standard should i use 11b or 11g?
I have been lead to believe that both standards are compatable. so 11g wold work with the 11b in the laptop.

What equipment would you recomend?

Cheers S

  AubreyS 08:09 03 Dec 2003

Hi SteevScotland.

I have a wireless network setup up with a desktop and two laptops. I am using a Linksys Wireless G Router and two Linksys WPC (B) wireless network cards for the laptops. The modem is a D-Link DSL-300G+ modem. It all works very well. I could have made do with a Wireless B router and saved a bit of money. I was thinking ahead.

  Brian-336451 08:38 03 Dec 2003

I have a Centrino laptop (b standard) and a Wireless Router (g standard), my desktop has a 'g' card.

All work well together but are limited to 11Mbs by any 'b' component.

If I want to transfer any really large files, I still find that I attach a LAN cable, so perhaps the Centrino 'needs' a 'g' PCMCIA card.

I'm using the laptop in the bedroom and for all normal stuff the 'b' standard is MORE than adequate.

I only bought the other 'g' components as an attempt at future-proofing as they are not really necessary at the moment.

All machines successfully share broadband with no noticeable detrimental effect.

I love wireless, there are glitches from time to time but its great.

  SteevScotland 18:14 03 Dec 2003

I was thinking future proofing when i mentioned the 'g' components. I suppose I could add a 'g' card to the laptop at a later date.

What company should I go for?

I am looking for a an all in one router and access point. as well as two PCI cards for my PCs

Cheers S

  SteevScotland 22:25 03 Dec 2003


  Brian-336451 10:40 06 Dec 2003

I went for a D-Link DI-624+, works a treat and easy to set up.

  [email protected] E 11:23 06 Dec 2003

Either D-link or Netgear have a three year waranty which I consider is a good place to start

  hellred 18:07 06 Dec 2003

Just go out and buy a USB 802.11B card plug that into you desktop and set XP IE to share.
Go to the laptop and set IE never to dial a connection and set LAN to automatic. This will set you back 40 quid and thats as good as anything. no need to spend good money on a router etc. All connections are peer to peer and make sure the network ssid is the same on both maschines and you can the reset the mail program to not dial but set to use IE/3rd party dialer instead.

  SteevScotland 00:05 07 Dec 2003

sounds like a good idea. I would but there is one problem. my sister is also connecting her pc to the network and I dont want her to have to turn on my pc every time she wants to use the net.

Cheers S

  Brian-336451 22:01 08 Dec 2003

Hence the router.

That's exactly why I opted for that particular hardware. My desktop has a really NOISY fan and when I now surf on the laptop - all is silent.


At the end of the day its horses-for-courses and budget driven.

Either way, good luck - enjoy

  SteevScotland 23:56 17 Dec 2003

My broadband modem is USB. Will any of the routers have a USB port? or will I need to buy an ethernet modem?

Cheers S

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