Setting up wireless on a laptop x2

  cassie2 17:11 27 Apr 2008

I am a senior female it. user, have just bought laptop after using desktops for some years, also, I am going to be staying in an area without a home phone line so have bought 3 mobile broadband for it,so far so good! I installed the modem ,etc but now I am lost, is 3 not my ISP and should I not get internet services through them or do I use for example. AOl for my e-mail, etc. I thought I was almost computer literate but now I have big doubts. I feel quite a fool asking you this as I've noticed most of the queries are pretty technical on this site!

  recap 18:01 27 Apr 2008

If I have read your correctly cassie2.

If you still have the desktop and it is plugged in to the router. Run the wireless network wizard, follow the instructions all the way through, preferably using a USB stick. Plug the stick in to the laptop, doubleclick the wireless icon on the stick and you should be up and running in around 10 minutes.

By the way, no need to feel foolish posting any type of question on these forums cassie2.

You can sign up to any email client AOL, Yahoo or Hotmail for example.

  Ashrich 21:25 27 Apr 2008

Cassie2 , you can still use AOL , just tell the program ( if it needs it ) that you are using a different type of access , in your case a modem instead of a fixed broadband , 3 is only supplying internet access , nothing else , a bit like using a wireless hotspot . There was a time when if you tried to access your ISP for email etc. that they didn't likt their mail going through a different server , but with the advent of wireless broadband nobody seems to mind any more . There is no need to run any wizards as you will not be connecting to any home network , the USB adapter contains everything you need in terms of software , let it install itself and give AOL a try !! . If you wanted to get away from AOL you could always get yourself a Googlemail address instead .


  Ashrich 21:28 27 Apr 2008

Cassie2 is using a "3" USB portable modem for access to the HSDPA/3g network for mobile high speed internet access ( where the signal permits )


  cassie2 22:27 27 Apr 2008

Thank you for advise,Ashrich and recap,I did figure it out that I needed to do as you said, but, I have tried to get back to AOL and Hotmail and they will not accept me despite numerous attempts and they make many,many petty attempts to dissuade me! (as you said they used to do Ashrich) what!

  Ashrich 20:36 28 Apr 2008

Just get yourself a Googlemail ( free ) email address and let eveyone know of your change of email , that is really all you have to do , internet browsing can be through Internet Explorer or Firefox instead of using the AOL browser . To use AOL I would imagine that you need to keep paying them , so get all your addresses from the software first ( unless you have them kept separately , then just cancel . Do a Google search for " Googlemail sign up " and click on the second listing down .


  Jonnie30 18:26 29 Apr 2008

I have recently bought a laptop for my home and my girlfriend already has one with wireless broadband. However this is security enabled and she cannot remember the security password, so i cannot use the laptop on the internet. Is there anything I can do to find this or get round it? Someone has mentioned resetting the broadband router but would this ruin anything for me?

  Ashrich 18:31 29 Apr 2008

Start a new thread please , don't hijack this one !


  Jonnie30 18:43 29 Apr 2008

chill out, new to this!!!

  cassie2 12:55 30 Apr 2008

Ashrich, I am now up and running with Googlemail, thank you for all your help,

  Ashrich 19:39 30 Apr 2008

Excellent news Cassie2 , can you mark this thread as solved please !!


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