Setting up wireless LAN

  Weskit 18:20 09 Feb 2007

Can someone please point me to instructions to set up a wireless LAN between a laptop running XP and a desktop with 98SE. Can I use XP's "Set up a wireless network for home or small office" bearing in mind that the desktop is only 98SE? Thanks for any advice and points to watch out for.

  Ashrich 19:53 09 Feb 2007

Is this through a wireless router or peer to peer ?


  Weskit 20:00 09 Feb 2007

Using a wireless router- Orange Livebox.

  Ashrich 20:21 09 Feb 2007

Ok , once you have established a connection with both PC's to the router , run the Network wizard on both , ignoring it when it says about unconnected devices , and make sure that they are both in the same network group , usually defaults to MShome , give both they're own names and locations when asked and finish the wizards , don't bother making a network disk , it is just as easy to do it manually , then check in Network Places / Entire Network / MShome , and see if they can see each other . Disable firewalls initially when doing this .


  Weskit 08:17 10 Feb 2007

Thanks for your advice. I'll give it a go. Sorry to miss you last evening. Many thanks.

  Weskit 15:30 10 Feb 2007

I must be dim, sounded so easy when I read your instructions but I can't find the appropriate wizards on either XP or 98SE. could you be a bit more detailed?

  Weskit 18:32 10 Feb 2007


  T0SH 20:37 10 Feb 2007

Open Network connections on XP you have a choice of New connection Wizard or Network setup Wizard

On Win98 I think you use the Internet connection wizard and choose to connect through a LAN

but it has been a long time since I used Win98

Cheers HC

  Strawballs 21:33 10 Feb 2007
  Ashrich 21:52 10 Feb 2007

Sorry Weskit , been at work today and just got on comp now , the Network wizard for XP is in Network Connections / Network Setup Wizard , similar in 98se My Networks / New network or something like that , I don't have a 98se PC to hand at the moment , although , if I remember correctly it does involve a bit of manual setting up as well in TCP/IP etc. like having to manually enter the IP address of the gateway ( the routers IP ) and checking the bindings , if you have a floppy you can make a disk to transfer settings to the 98se comp.


  Weskit 08:28 11 Feb 2007

Hello folks, Thanks for the help, I'll have another go.

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