Setting up the wireless internet for my laptop

  In-need of help 02:34 22 Aug 2006

I want to setup the wireless connection on my wireless enabled laptop. Also, i want my subscription to be with aol, do i download aol dsl or broadband? I already have a wireless router what else do i need.

  mgmcc 07:53 22 Aug 2006

You need to arrange with AOL to have a broadband connection with them. Unlike "dialup", you can't just run a CD and be online in ten minutes, they have to arrange with BT Wholesale to have their service enabled on your phone line.

In terms of hardware, a wireless laptop and a combined "Wireless Router & ADSL Modem" should be all you need, but not all routers are compatible with AOL. Also be aware that if you want to network two or more computers and have simultaneous internet access, this is more difficult with AOL, which uses proprietary software, than with conventional ISPs.

  ade.h 16:24 22 Aug 2006

There are ways and means of getting around the AOL problems - normally involving the creation of another account username, I believe - though I wonder whether it is actually better to avoid the extra hassle in the first place if you have not already signed with AOL.

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:30 22 Aug 2006

If you have young children, AOL is great. If you do not I cannot think of any good reason to put up with AOL rather going with another ISP.

  In-need of help 00:18 23 Aug 2006

What other wireless service providers would be of use in my situation?

  ade.h 00:22 23 Aug 2006

What do you mean by "wireless service providers"? I thought you wanted an ADSL broadband ISP.

  In-need of help 00:24 23 Aug 2006

well i dont really know too much about the terms. all i know is that i want a wireless connection on my laptop and i want to know the best ways of getting such..i will be a college student next week and dont want to have to rely on dial up or the schools network.

  ade.h 00:30 23 Aug 2006

You need an ADSL (or Cable if you prefer that kind of package) broadband ISP - such as F2S, Virgin, Zen, Plusnet and so on - together with a wireless ADSL modem/router (or Cable/DSL router for the Cable option). Plus any wireless receivers that may be needed for PCs that are not already wi-fi enabled.

I think that AOL's potentially misleading advertising campaign has led you to misinterpret the nature of "wireless" internet access. click here for a similar discussion.

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