setting up a wireless connection on playstation 3

  lolli_x 00:23 06 Jan 2008

I am trying to set up my playstation 3 with a wireless connection. On the playstation 3 website I have been given instructions on how to set it up. Instructions are as follows:

1) Leave your PS3 settings on automatic/easy (probably what you already had it set as before).

2) Locate the IP address of your router. For example’s sake, mine is a D-Link DI-604 with IP

3) Open a web browser (Firefox or Internet Explorer for example) on a computer connected to your router (The PS3’s browser might also work but I didn’t try that).

4) In the address bar, type in the IP address of you router.

5) If it asks for a username and password, enter whatever you set it as. If you never set one, check the manual with your router and it will probably give the default username and password. If you can’t find one, try username “admin” with no password.

6) Once you get in, look for the setting to enter "DNS Primary and Secondary." (In mine, it was under “WAN.”) Once you find it, enter the values above for DNS ( primary and secondary). - Mine had for both primary and secondary before I did this which makes me further believe that this was the problem. - Make sure to apply the changes.

7) Check the connection on your PS3 and hope that it is working.

I have completed steps 1 and 2 however when it comes to step 3 it doesn't seem to work. I have typed in my IP address and a "OpenDNS Guide" web page comes up with "You tried to visit, which is not loading." at the top of the page.

Can anyone please help?

  brundle 01:43 06 Jan 2008

Change primary DNS to, leave secondary blank. Your router ( has already got that information and will act as the gateway for the PS3.
Make sure your wireless passphrase is 8 characters or less, the PS3 will accept a longer phrase in the entry box but won't connect.

  brundle 01:44 06 Jan 2008

If keeps refusing to work, tell us make and model of your router, it might use a different address...

  lolli_x 02:13 06 Jan 2008

still unsuccessful.
checked passphrase and it is defintely 8 characters or less.

my router is a NETGEAR WG111v3.

any other suggestions?

  brundle 02:17 06 Jan 2008

You sure? looks more like a USB adaptor to me ; click here

Are you using because that's what it says on the help page, or because your router uses that IP address?

  lolli_x 02:18 06 Jan 2008

sorry, mistake the router is a NETGEAR WGR614v7

  lolli_x 02:24 06 Jan 2008

also, my original IP address is
however i was told to change it to by someone earlier.

  brundle 02:24 06 Jan 2008

Try instead. If that doesn't work you can find out the DNS address from the router config screens. Type

htt-:// or

(replace htt- with http - the forum will turn that into a link if I write it properly )

into the address bar in your browser

passwords are


(you should change the latter to something unique for added security)

Click ADSL configuration, the IP/subnet/gateway/DNS info should be on that page. You only need one of the DNS addresses.

  brundle 02:27 06 Jan 2008

Your `original` IP address can mean one of several things...all you're concerned with is what address your router is using, almost certainly from that information. If you change your PS3 or computer's IP to you won't be able to connect. Which did you change - the router's IP address or your PS3's address?

  lolli_x 02:35 06 Jan 2008

i changed the routers IP address.

  brundle 02:42 06 Jan 2008

So it's now ? And can you access the internet with a PC connected to the router?

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