Setting up website for a friend

  Mort105 23:25 15 Nov 2012


I'm creating a website for a friend, I should be ok with creating the site but not too sure which web host to go with.

Just wondered if any of you have good/bad experiences with hosts and also if the host you select affects your search position in any way.

Thanks for any help as not done this before.

  jonasmarsh621 08:00 16 Nov 2012

Wordpress is the place to be. Better features and Google loves it.

  beynac 11:46 16 Nov 2012

I've used Heart Internet for a number of websites. I have had virtually no problems and their support has been quick, efficient and helpful when I've needed it.

  Mort105 12:26 16 Nov 2012

The website itself should be fairly basic, with maybe a few pages. It's probably going to need a simple database to read from so I'd need the host to provide some minimal database storage.

Thanks for the advice - I'll take a look and read up a little more.

  Forum Editor 18:00 17 Nov 2012

Like beynac I've used Heart Internet, and can recommend their efficient, professional customer service.

  Mort105 16:13 18 Nov 2012

I should probably add that I need a decent HTML5 editor - have tried a few google searches but it's hard to know whats good and what isn't.

Does anyone know of any good HTML5 editors that are free?

I use .Net at work but don;t have this at home so looking for freeware.


  Mort105 18:31 18 Nov 2012

Just remembered I can use my work's MSDN license at home - so I should be able to install Visual Studio 2012 and use that to build the site.

  nahosting 06:17 21 Nov 2012

Don't forget you can get the express edition of visual studio from Microsoft for free, just go to here

  Mort105 10:28 23 Nov 2012

Thanks nahosting - I've installed the full version but is good advice for anyone needing freeware. Do you have any recommendations for a web host?

  nahosting 11:11 23 Nov 2012

Sorry Mort105 but I can't help there, against forum rules. I hope you find a reliable one. Cheers.

  Forum Editor 01:17 25 Nov 2012

Do you have any recommendations for a web host?

There are plenty of reliable hosting companies out there. My recomendation, based purely on personal experience is Heart Internet, but as I say, there are others.

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