Setting up Webcam security

  Phrixos 13:28 03 Jun 2006


I need help from anyone out there who has set up a home security system using a webcam(s).

I have tried numerous software packages--some of which appear good, but all of which seem to share the same drawback. They are far too technical.
Even though I'm intelligent enough to have built several computers I find myself unable to comprehend the basics of this problem. By this I mean, I can set up the hardware and the software, no problem. What I can't seem to grasp is the concept of getting the software to download alarm images on to the web--or organizing the software to email me--and ring my (or somebody else's) mobile phone whenever the alarm is tripped. THAT to me is the most important.

For one thing, I still don't understand the web. I just can't get my head around things like what a "server" is--in particular an "FTP server". (This, even though I DO know what FTP is.) Even though I've read numerous definitions of the word, I can't seem to get to grips with the term "client". As you can imagine, I haven't a clue how to run a website--so I don't have one.

Currently I have "XtraSense Surveillance System" installed, and it seems to want to do everything I require. I like the interface. It handles loads of cameras--and the help files and manual go a good bit further than most other packages--but it still falls down in exactly the same way all the other packages do. It doesn't tell people like me how to set the damned thing up. Step 1, step 2, step 3---etc.

I have the hardware. I have the software. I have "webspace" alloted to me by my internet provider (but absolutely no idea what to do with that.) And I have a mobile phone.

Can somebody out there walk me through this?


  [DELETED] 18:35 03 Jun 2006

Don't know if it helps, but have you checked out the online manual click here

  Phrixos 19:23 03 Jun 2006

Hello, Marsh Warden.

Thanks for replying. Yes. The online manual looks to be the same as the one supplied with the software.

This is not to say I read it line by line from beginning to end. What I dearly wish software companies and their manual writers would learn is, that in in this world of "information overload" nobody has the time to do that. All a person can do is to attack such manuals intelligently and look for "relevant" information as and when it is needed.

That said, I have looked at this particular manual in some detail--loking for that relevant information which would get me up and running--but have thus found myself swamped by a tsunami of technicalities. Too mucyh to swallow when there is other work to be done.

Like I said, I can't make sense of it--so much so that I can't even tell if the information I need is even IN the manual!

I've got my cameras working alright--but as to what I do next--the actual important bit--getting the setup to upload video capture and notify me by email and txt of an alarm call, I haven's a clue!

Thanks again.

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