Setting up a Web Page - Newbie

  Lady Lara 12:29 26 Oct 2004

OK then,

I plan to start a web page with a few links to other areas (Gallery etc. Have got MS Frontpage and an idiots guide (we all start somewhere!!)

My question is this. If i buy a domain let's say then can i upload the Frontpage work to it. What is this Domain hosting thing?

  vinnyo123 14:47 26 Oct 2004

The answer is yes. You should register your Domain name with the same company that is hosting your site (much easier to get it going).Domian Hosting is a company that is going to Host your site (frontpage folders). I suggested you use the same company for the quickest way of getting your site up and running so they can host your site and take care of DNS (Domain Name Service) Pointing your Doamain or anything else to an IP address of the Hosting Server.Then you can use FTP through IE or a client program such as Cute FTP or WS_FTP to transfer your Frontpage folders to the server (your rented space on servers hard drive).hosting company would give you an URL etc. Http:// or FTP:// and a password to acces your space then you just tranfer your folder there and use default.htm or index.htm for your starting page (homepage).Hosting company would tell you which to use depending how they have the server set up.And thats it your Domain will be pointing to there server and your web page.It is pretty simple once you get it going and tried it a few times.If you run into any problems post backe here and somebody will help you.There is very knowledgable people herewilling to help!

Good luck

  Taran 19:09 26 Oct 2004

FrontPage simplifies the whole process for you, up to a point.

As vinnyo123 has already pointed out, a domain name and web hosting are two different things. Your domain name is the site address, often named for a business or individual, along the lines of www. taran

Web hosting is where a web host offers you some space to put the files that make up your site, and they point your domain name to those files. How they do it is not too important for now.

1&1 are about the least expensive option to register your site domain name. Two inexpensive web hosts are Web Mania click here and Web Attention click here

You can register your domain through the same company that offers you your hosting, and this is the easiest route to take, since a domain registration and hosting package ordered together will, by default, be set up to work together. Registering a domain name with one company and hosting with another means tou have to point the domain name to the web host by changing the DNS settings, but it isn't really difficult to do.

Once you've made your site, simply select the File, Publish Site option and supply the site or FTP address and username and password given to you by your web host. FrontPage obligingly puts your site online for you from then on.

Make sure when designing your site to copy all relevant files into the web root folder FrontPage made when you started the site. Keep all images in the images folder, and if you offer downloads, keep them all in a relevant folder called downloads or similar. Use lower case file and folder names and don't separate multiple word names with a space, use and underscore instead, like_this.

Ask for specific information if you get stuck. FrontPage is a superb program and will do all that you could probably ever want. I'd suggest you play with it for a while and get your site more or less how you want it before paying for dedicated hosting.

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