Setting up a VPN????

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 22:57 23 Feb 2004

ok then, i have a home network, nothing special just XP Pro running on a WorkGroup network.

At uni i use Linux and i have my laptop there often with Xp running on a wireless network at uni so i would like to be able to access my home pc and network with a VPN if possible !!

Any ideas how i go about it and if there is any basic tutorials on it?

Thanks for any advice that comes my way !!

  Sir Radfordin 23:47 23 Feb 2004

XP has built in VPN 'systems' but I've been unable to work out how on earth you get this to work!

  vinnyo123 04:04 24 Feb 2004

VPN you would need to this with router to router(tunnel) which propably won't be likely if you want to acces it from work,unless you have acces to configure router at work.If you want to be able to access folders (upload and download you can use a FTP server program running on your PC(home) and access it form anywhere.

  The Dark Sage 15:54 24 Feb 2004

You can create a VPN connection from your XP laptop easy enough and it will work over your current internet connection at Uni (in theory - in practice it may not due to firewalls etc)

The problem is you will need a termination point on your home network - ie something to answer the VPN connection. For this you will need either a server or a firewall that is cablable of the task.

Might be able to help further if we knew more details about your home network. How do you connect to the internet for example

  : : Radioactive Frog : : 22:05 24 Feb 2004

ok well it is a server running win xp connected to Broadband permanently, although i do not have a static IP (thinking about it, would i need one?)

Does that help? It then connects to a hub and we share the connection with ICS


  JerryJay 22:39 24 Feb 2004

Your option maybe limited because you cannot installed any useful program on university's machines.

There is one program called "GotomyPC" which you can access your home PC from any other networked PCs with a browser. Check it out, they even give a free trial click here, click here.

I never used this program before, but it seems a good program according to some review on magzines.

  JerryJay 22:53 24 Feb 2004

Laplink everywhere click here

I'm Intouch click here

  JerryJay 09:58 25 Feb 2004

Here is a free one: Virtual Network Computing: VNC
click here

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