Setting user permissions to directories.

  erkmatrix 08:45 05 Jun 2010

Can anyone tell me how I would go about saving time here. I have put my itunes collection on a external harddrive and for various artists albums for some reason I can't set them as part of a compilation by right clicking as most tracks are greyed out. I've found out this is because they are read only and can by right clicking on each song in explorer I have to to security tab and where it says Group or user names, the one that they are set to is Users (myname/users) but for this one there is no write enabled so I have to click the edit button and enable the radio button to give full control.

I for some reason can't work out how to change the Users (myname/users) to universally get full control so I don't have to individually click on every song to give permission.

Does anyone know a quicker way for me to do this as some of my various artists albums have 100 tracks on.

  howard64 12:39 05 Jun 2010

try in explorer right clicking on the ext hard ddrive - properties then sharing and share the drive also do the same for the itunes folder on that drive. If that does not do the trick again right click the folder then properties and see if you get an option to change the default setting.

  erkmatrix 13:30 05 Jun 2010

Hi. Yeah that's the strange thing, I've tried to right click the actual drive and set permissions to full control for the name Users (myname/users)and done this also for the itunes music directory and even the album directory but no matter after doing all this it still has each individual song on my various artists albums as read only so you have to change it like i said by clicking each one.

  howard64 15:10 05 Jun 2010

when you go to properties do you get the page with 4 tabs at the top with the one on the right saying sharing? mine gives me this. This can alter things that the ordinary right click and sharing does not allow.

  erkmatrix 08:39 07 Jun 2010

Hi sorry I didn't get back yesterday I wasn't at the computer with my itunes on. Yes it does have a sharing tab when I go into properties. What should I try in sharing.

  howard64 14:58 07 Jun 2010

I am not sure but look at all the options available to you and try them. Depending on the make and type of external hard drive the options may differ.

  erkmatrix 15:38 07 Jun 2010

I tried all the options of sharing but to no avail unfortunately, seems stupid that the only way I can edit these is by individual songs. I did try on a windows XP machine but even less options there.

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