Setting up a two hard drive system

  kennyismyname 12:58 14 Jul 2013

I have just bought a custom laptop with a 120GB SSD and room for a second hard drive, in which I will install a 500GB 7200rpm WD scorpio black HDD.

I have read that it would be a good idea to use the SSD for the OS and apps and the HDD for data. The problem is that posts then go into massive detail about different partitions and set ups and i am really just looking for something simple but still effective.

Is it just as simple as installing any programs on the SSD and saving things on the HDD?

I know I am contradicting myself now but I wouldn't mind splitting up the SDD into two partitions of around 60GB, one for Windows 8 and one for programs. Is this a good idea (or possible?) I just feel like I will run out of pace from programs extremely fast! Would it be an idea to install demanding programs like games on the SSD and less demanding like on the HDD.

Thanks for the help!

  Jollyjohn 13:58 14 Jul 2013


I would split the SSD into two partitions, this would give C:\ for W8 and D:\ for your Apps. Your HDD would then be E:\ for all your personal data.

Move your My Docs folder - see here - click here - the answer from Microsoft.

Once W8 is installed and set up, create a system image - see here - click here - for more info.

  Chronos the 2nd 14:13 14 Jul 2013

I probably would not bother partitioning the SSD, not really worth it with that size. And I would also move all the My folders, Music,Video,Pictures and Documents), instructions here. Move these folders to your large hard-drive and anything you add to these folders will automatically be stored here.

There is a difference of opinion about whether games should be on the SSD. I personally do not bother as I have many games and my Steam folder along is approaching 500GB which is a lot of games. I have this folder on its own 1TB HDD with another 1TB for Docs ETC and my 128GB SSD for OS and programs and I have no problems with this set up.

  kennyismyname 20:30 14 Jul 2013

Thanks for all your help!

I ended up upgrading to a 240GB SSD and have ordered two partitions, 80GB for the OS and 160GB left over, though I may end up shrinking the 80GB partition as I have heard Windows 8 only takes up around 40 (80 was the minimum size specialist would do).

I don't think my steam folder will be too large, I'm mainly a humble bundle man and those games aren't too big. Saying that, the sale is on and in the last two days skyrim, xcom, just cause 2 and a few others have crept in in anticipation of the laptop, so after mods it might be that 160GB will be S:\

Again, thanks guys.

Last thing, to save me a google search could you recommend a decent partitioning program?

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