setting up Speedtouch 570 and wifi AOL - warning!

  powertool 21:03 31 Mar 2004

I wonder if anyone has any networking experience and can diagnose this problem? If you have been thinking about getting Wifi for AOL I suggest you read this first.

This is the problem:

I am running XP home, on an HP Pavilion ze4200 laptop.

I've followed the AOL site instructions carefully to install the 570 using the ethernet cable - including using the suffix - but although the installation wizard tells me that everything is OK, I can't connect to AOL. It hangs on Stage 3, or it says that it cannot connect to the DNS Server.

I have noticed that when I reboot, the screen pauses, and the cursor rotates after DHCP [never seen that before!] before telling me "PXE-E53: No boot filename received". This seems significant, but when I have searched for the meaning of this I can't understand the answer! - is the 570 not supplying an IP Address?

The Utility on the disc called Dr Speedtouch, tells me that the laptop is fine, but that there is a problem with the device. It then has a trouble-shooting programme to reconfigure, but it makes no difference no matter how many times I try this.

I have tried to restart, have rolled XP back and reinstalled etc. My DSL is fine as I am able to connect to AOL BB via the modem they sent me.

So I rang AOL helpline as they support the 570 - only to find that the Home Networking team can only ring me back at 4 pm in 6 days time when I am at work. When I said that I would need to wait longer for an evening appointment, the operator told me that there weren't any evening appointments to offer me ... So I rang the Helpline [50p a min] which is supposed to be open till 9pm only to be told that they were closed [this being 6.30pm].

So I feel stuck! Do you think the unit is faulty?


[I had been a bit unsure about buying this kit as some people seemed to have had problems getting it going, but as it is the only kit which AOL supports I thought it was my best bet. I think I have wasted £140 though. The AOL site says that it is easy to set up home networking! If you're with AOL I would wait a while before shelling out - they don't seem to be finding it very easy themselves!]

  Mango Grummit 21:51 31 Mar 2004

Seems a tad strong to issue a warning of this ilk prior to discovering who or what is causing your problem.

However, I take it you have the green lights and have reconfigured the connection in setup (on AOLs opening screen).

If so and it's still no go then did you set up your wireless client to a stage where it asked for a network name. At this point you need to enter the 570's ssid which is printed on the bottom of the router. After you get through to the completion stage press the red button for 10 seconds and all should be well if all other instructions have been followed.

If a warning is required it is that setting these things up is not as simple as we are sometimes led to believe, and that I believe is true of all networking.

Good luck!

  gold 47 21:55 31 Mar 2004

AOL don't support routers or home networking for what ever reason none to them they did say there would be more info on this later in the year.
Might be better to change to an ISP that does.

  Mango Grummit 21:56 31 Mar 2004

You are wrong there I'm afraid.

  powertool 22:11 31 Mar 2004

However, the reason why I said that AOL were finding it difficult to 'make home networking easy' was based on what the operator told me.

He said that the Home Networking Support Team allocated two hour slots to do the 'call-backs' and that they were 'normally' able to get the configuration done in 'a couple of hours'.

I accept that it is always more time consuming to do this over the phone, but even so, they must be struggling if they can only offer me a slot 6 days away at a time when I would be at work. The operator was very apologetic but that was the best they could do.

On the other hand - at least AOL don't charge for this service [when you can get it!] compared with the Speedtouch 50p a minute helpline [which was closed anyway and charged me for telling me this!]

On your specific advice - thanks but no I didn't get to the stage of doing the wireless set up [I really can't for that!] because the problems I had were at the stage of using the ethernet cable to do the intial set up.

I think the DHCP PXE E53 is probably important - but goodness knows what it means!

Thanks anyway for your help.

  Mango Grummit 06:58 01 Apr 2004

click here may or may not be helpful.

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