Setting up separate RAID on separate HDDs

  staples printer cartridge 14:22 29 Oct 2007

I have a basic understanding of RAID and currently have a RAID 0 over 2x 36Gb drives, and IDe for Music/Pictures and an external HDD for backup in conjunction with True Image 10. Trouble is I am beginning to struggle for space with the RAID. So my questions are: I have bought 2x 74Gb HDD, do I a)simply replace my current drives with these; b) can I set up one RAID with my 36Gb drives and install my OS on these and then set up a seperate RAID with the new 74Gb drives and install all my other software on this - is it possible and/or beneficial?; c) do something different instead?

  exodus 17:11 29 Oct 2007

Hi, the new 74GB drives are relatively small by todays standards. Are you limited in the capacity that can be used?

What benefits are you trying to achieve by using Raid 0?
Do you really need a Raid setup?

Excluding disc failure, it is only likely that the drives with the operating system installed thereon, are likely to become corrupt, necessitating a reinstall of the operating system. By moving or reinstalling all programs and data to alternative drives, you will free up disc space on your current Raided drives.

Basically, I am not sure what you are trying to achieve with your current setup and use, so it is difficult to advise one way or the other at the moment.


  staples printer cartridge 18:29 29 Oct 2007

I realsie that they are small discs by comparison but I really don't have the need for bigger ones - this will be doubling my capacity. As for use, the only reason I would need a performance hit would be for games; other stuff I do like image manipulation, office type stuff and musical notation don't require it. So I thought well if I have to replace them, can I utilise the smaller drives in some way and if there is the facility to have RAID then why not?

  exodus 19:27 29 Oct 2007

Hi, it is entirely up to you how you use and setup your computer.

However, I fail to see any advantage in the way you are using your Raid setup. Raid 0 will give a slight speed advantage for reading/writing to the Raid array/hard discs, but a lot of this will also depend on the capabilities of the Raid controller. Any speed increase may be useful when reading/writing a lot of data such as large AVI file or other video image but little gain, if any, when being used for games. Raid 0 gives no data protection in the event of one disc failure.

Here is an interesting read about Raid if you have the time.
click here

My opinion is not to use Raid at all because it is not giving you any advantage.
I would be inclined to partition one of the new 74GB drives and install the operating system on that, say about 20GB in size. Use the other partition(s) for your games and another for large programs/data. I do not know the precise details of your setup so you may wish to vary this or even use one of the smaller hard drives.

The other drives I would use for backups, such as Acronis TI backups and other data backup and storage.

The above is just to give you a few ideas to consider. We all have our personal preferences and it is your choice at the end of the day. Do not use Raid just because it is available. Use it because it gives you some benefit.


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