Setting up a secondary monitor

  andy625 19:04 12 May 2007

I am trying to set up my laptop to use a secondary monitor. I have a S-video tp scart lead which I'd like to use to play videos from the laptop to display on the tv.

My display adapter is a S3 Graphics inc SavageIX, and I have a secondary monitor option in the display properties, however it doesn't seem to make any difference which monitor I have it set on.

I've been following the troubleshooting bit in windows, and it asked me to look at the display adapter in the device manager to see if a secondary monitor driver was installed. I looked and can't see one. Is this the problem? If not, how can I set it up?

The pc is an IBM Thinkpad running XP.

  woodchip 20:48 12 May 2007

You are looking in the right place, by that I mean Graphics adapter in Display properties. You should be able to see two monitors when it is setup Comp and TV each with a number 1 and 2 you can change these round but if you do you may have problem reading text to change it back. You also need analog sound leads connecting to sound out on the comp and into TV Or back of the scart if you have the correct adapter

  andy625 12:12 13 May 2007

I have 2 monitors set up in the display properties. No. 1 is IBM Thinkpad 1400x1050 LCD panel on S3 Graphics Inc. SavageIX, and no. 2 is Default Monitor on S3 Graphics Inc. SavageIX.

If I click on "advanced" and go to "adapter" tab, it lists one adapter (S3 Graphics inc SavageIX) and one monitor (default monitor).

Theres only one type of display adapter listed in "device manager" but there are three monitors listed, default monitor, generic television, and IBM Thinkpad 1400x1050 LCD panel.

How do I get the Television monitor to show up on the display properties options so that I can alocate it as my no.2 monitor?

  woodchip 16:50 13 May 2007

What happens if you double click the TV

  andy625 19:25 13 May 2007

The only place I can see anything referring to the TV, or television monitor is in the Control panel - device manager. If I double click that, it opens up the Television monitor properties.

In the display properties, although it shows 2 displays, if I click on the 2nd one, it just changes to Default Monitor on S3 Graphics Inc. SavageIX, and looks the same as usual.

It seems like theres something missing on my setup which will allow the television monitor option to show up in the display properties. All I get is No. 1 - IBM Thinkpad 1400x1050 LCD panel on S3 Graphics Inc. SavageIX, and no. 2 - Default Monitor on S3 Graphics Inc. SavageIX.

  woodchip 19:32 13 May 2007

Try uninstalling all monitors in Device manager other than the Computer monitor Savage is your Graphics card or Adapter not a monitor

  woodchip 19:33 13 May 2007

reboot after uninstall and retry Display box from Desktop or control panel

  andy625 15:45 14 May 2007

Thanks woodchip, I'll try that later.

Just one thing, I've had a few mishaps when I start uninstalling bits and pieces before, especially related to displays/monitors. I created a restore point before I did anything to the pc at the weekend. Would I be right in thinking that if anything goes wrong now I can go back to the restorepoint, and it will all be as it was before I did anything? ie installed monitors, drivers etc?

  woodchip 17:21 14 May 2007

Yes it should do if it works ok. If you Have Norton on your Comp. Disable it before trying Restore

  andy625 10:52 15 May 2007

I tried uninstalling all additional monitors and rebooted, I then installed the latest display adapter driver.

Initially I only had one monitor showing up in the display properties, and also in device manager. However after I upgraded the adapter driver, I get the same three back in device manager (LCD, generic tv and default monitor). Still not got any reference to tv in the desktop display properties.

I tried updating the driver for the generic tv monitor, but it said I currently already have the latest.

I read on the net that you have to have the display resolution set to 800x600 for the tv to work, tried that, no difference.

I can get the sound from the pc through the tv, but no pictures. When the tv's connected to the pc and pc is rebooted, the tv flickered as if it is picking up something. TV just stays blank screen though. I also tried function f1 and F7 to see if that toggled between screens like if you use a projector, but nothing happens.

  woodchip 00:41 16 May 2007

I would try a new Graphics card, I got this so I could use my 32ins LCD TV for Browsing the Net from Harmchair. It is connected from DVI on comp to HDMI on TV click here

It is a AGP 8 card

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