Setting up a scsi system.

  crazy diamond 00:30 30 Aug 2005

Hi Guys,
Please could you point me to a site that specialises in 'The Idiot's Guide To Scsi.'[With lots of clear pictures and explainations.
You see I've inherited an old server unit and a box of {10}scsi hdd's of 1gb-8gb.When I opened the case up and cleared some very annoyed spiders out,all the ide side is intact and working and the scsi card lights up when booted.However,nothing is connected to the card{it's all in the box}.It seams my mate had it as a project and didn't get as far as putting the drives in.Well,I'm going to with your help
So,this is where you experts come in.I need to know mainly about the jumper settings and what if any software.The boot sequence reads the scsi card but obviously reports that no disks are present.
The few books I've got on pc problems only give a cursory nod to scsi assuming I'm an expert and when I mention it to the muggles they say 'Bless you'
Okay chaps,sorry to have gone on.Please help.


  Catastrophe 06:19 30 Aug 2005

First of all, let's have some information like O/S.

Are the drives connected - daisychained? This is the first thing to check. There is a limit to how many (7?). The HDDs will need different jumper settings. Then you will start seeing them at boot.

There's a start.

  Catastrophe 06:23 30 Aug 2005

If on XP see click here

  Catastrophe 06:28 30 Aug 2005

Also Google SCSI to find such as click here

  crazy diamond 07:17 30 Aug 2005

Many thanks Cat.
The link certainly is a fine start.
The o/s is 98me.In the drive rack there's room for 3 internal disks.On ebay I've seen there's squillions of scsi drives,some are job lots of 4x9.1gb etc. but first of all I want to practice with the stuff in the box.
If daisy chain means what I think,then there's a ribbon in the box with several connection blocks {50pin}on it.
Btw.all disks have the jumpers removed,these are in a mathchbox.


  Eric10 08:50 30 Aug 2005

As Catastrophe has said, SCSI (using 50 pin connectors as opposed to SCSI Wide or Ultra SCSI using 68 pin connectors) supports up to 7 drives on the cable (0-6) with the card usually being device 7. The jumpers on the drives are in a block, with 3 pairs of the available pins being used to set unique IDs for each drive. These are normally set as a binary code so 3 jumpers can set any number from 0 to 7. Another point to remember is that a SCSI chain must be terminated at each end although most cards and drives now have terminators built in which are either automatic or activated by a jumper. Since the card has its own ID number it does not have to be at the end of the chain.

  Catastrophe 16:14 30 Aug 2005


You are welcome. Another idea is to have a home made SCSI tower. I have an old case (LARGE) which I have filled with SCSI devices. They take power from this case but connect to another PC via a SCSI card.

If you want more, and I tend to use SCSI as 'large floppies' to which I back-up by XXClone, you can have more with the same id's provided they are not both connected at the same time. It only takes seconds to change the connectors.


  woodchip 16:53 30 Aug 2005

First you cannot as far as I know boot from Scsi if you have EIDE as EIDE is auto boot choice for windows also SATA is faster, but also as it's inherit problems.

  jimv7 18:50 30 Aug 2005

Its no problem booting from scsi, just set the bios to boot from scsi, and set the scsi bios for which number scsi drive you wish to boot from. The odd 1 out is the cd/dvd which some motherboards do no find.

  dan11 21:14 30 Aug 2005

As jimv7 says, just pick the scsi boot option in the bios, to boot first. The cdrom and the slave hard drive were both EIDE drives and caused no bother to the boot order.

I had an old dell server with a scsi hard drive, no problem booting from it. It an XP quite well, till I scavenged it for parts.;-)

  crazy diamond 21:55 30 Aug 2005

Many thanks for all your help guys.I'm now on my way to Scsi Heaven {lol}
Just one other thing,when setting the jumpers,what is the rule for which end to start from?.Do I hold the drive with pcb up and work from the left or hold it metal side up or even at eye level in front of me.It's so confusing!!


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