Setting up Routers

  bridge+ 15:18 22 Jun 2005

I have installed Xandos3 (WinXPis the same disk) but it will not work with my Alcatel USB modem. I bought a Prestige 650H router and this does talk to my computer. However, to connect to the internet, I need to which encapsulation is used, multiplex data etc. Besides not knowing what they mean, what must do I do to obtain them ? The compact guide says I must ask my ISP - how do I do that ? I would be very grateful for some help. I am with BTinternet.

  John-259217 17:07 22 Jun 2005

Try using PPPoA encapsulation and VC MUX multiplexing.

I think that worked on the last BT yahoo set-up I did but I can`t find my notes!

  bridge+ 20:23 22 Jun 2005

For m73john,
Many thanks for your advice, I tried your settings - to no avail - then tried every possible combination of types of encapulation and multiplex possible = still to no avail. Must be incorrect elsewere. The router has a self testing mode (ping etc.) it's these that fail.

  John-259217 03:42 24 Jun 2005

Sorry to hear that, perhaps if you post the settings displayed under WAN information when you get to the last screen on the set-up wizard I may spot something (DON`T post your User Name and Password for obvious reasons - we`ll assume you have these correctly entered).

I`ve had a look at the manual for this router and didn`t notice anything particularly unusual so it should be ok with BT.

  bridge+ 17:14 24 Jun 2005

Problem solved ; BT gave me the required parameters - probably will never now go back to Alcatel modems. Also, many thanks for your offer to help again.

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