Setting up router WPA

  golfpro 15:15 05 Aug 2009

I have two laptops one XP and the other using Vista) also a desktop (XP) my SP is a local cable Co. I have been connecting my laptops using a Linksys 54GL router for the last year and would like to set up a WPA on the router as it is unsecured at the moment (anyone can get in) how do I go about this (Simple instructions please).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:13 05 Aug 2009
  golfpro 05:51 06 Aug 2009

Thanks for the reply Fruit Bat, but all this rubbishing my Router and installing new firmware on that web site has left me more confused than ever. The router has been working without problems for almost two years now, all I want to do is enter a security No. into the settings to block access to anyone else except me and people I allow. I would like to do this without having to shut the whole thing down and reconfiguring it from the beginning is this possible? Which computer do I do this (the one which my cable modem is hooked up to) or can I do it on any of the laptops? What happens when the security No. is installed do I have to enter this in all computers to gain access to the Internet. etc etc. None of the web sites I have looked at on this subject address these points they don't tell you how to change the settings after installation, if I can remember even the install instructions from Linksys just said "These settings can be changed at any time after installation" not how! Sorry if I sound a bit thick I'm sure its a simple matter, but I don't want to be posting another thread on hear after my failed attempt to the tune of "Help please I've mucked up my Routers settings".

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