Setting up raid with two sata disks.

  alltime 01:40 23 Jun 2005

Just installed a new disk, Formatted ok, Sata set for raid, both drives Recognised in device manager,and in my computer and drivers loaded. Boots up and says Reboot and select proper boot devise or insert boot media in selected boot devise and press any key.
Looking on the Maxtor site it doesnt appear that i should configured the drives as primary and slave with jumpers. (but i dont know) and if this is the case how do i set the jumpers. Could this be the problem
It appears When you go into the c,mos the only drive thats recognised is the cd drive.
Help with setting up please.

  retep888 01:57 23 Jun 2005

What array are you going to have?

Raid 0 or Raid 1?

  ashdav 06:04 23 Jun 2005

sata drives don't have jumpers. You will need to set raid in the bios initially. Does your bios support this? If not (and you should check anyway) go to your mobo makers site and download the latest one. You should get a screen at boot up asking you to select which raid configuration you want (0 or 1). On my Abit board this is done by pressing tab key.

  alltime 07:42 23 Jun 2005

Initially i was going to set raid 0, but didnt know if this was possible as one of the drives had been configured with an os (win xp)
The mobo is an Asus P4P800-E Deluxe which supports raid.

  alltime 08:18 23 Jun 2005

Further to: When i go into the bios in ide config its got :enhanced mode support on: config sata as raid: serial ata boot rom enabled:
Bios advanced mode: operating mode raid:
When the raid config comes at boot by pressing Ctrl+i it shows: 0 foxtrot raid o stripe bootable yes:
Maxtor------- port0 status normal
Maxtor------- port1 status normal
This has got to be something stupid!!
When i put the win xp disc in and get to the point where it says,
set up win xp press enter:
create a partition in the unpartitioned space press c:
Delete the selected partition press d
and underneath it says:unknown disk there is no

disk in this drive (twice)

  retep888 10:55 23 Jun 2005

Sorry I don't have your mobo but the principle should be more or less the same,if you're setting up Raid 0,you'll lose everything on your first hdd,so back it up before you go ahead.

Your mobo's using Promise raid controller which you can configure in the bios,(I have to press Ctrl+S or F4)yours could be slightly different.

When you get to the Raid utility,then choose Raid 0 (stripping) and create it,doing this all data on both hdds will be lost if there is any.(BACKUP)

During Window XP installation,you have to press F6
when prompted otherwise you will get the no disk error message.



  alltime 11:06 23 Jun 2005

Thanks for your help, looks like ive lost the op system anyway so not to worry. ive got things backed up anyway , so im going to try a clean install.

  retep888 13:58 23 Jun 2005

Been reading some of your previous postings, I hope you can understand the pros & cons of Raid 0 & Raid 1.

Please see click here

  alltime 09:29 24 Jun 2005

Thanks for the link very useful

  retep888 10:12 24 Jun 2005

Just wanted to know.


  alltime 14:38 24 Jun 2005

GIVEN UP at the moment had to get the computer back WORKING. With reinstalling drivers etc i found some info on the motherboard disk which i didnt know existed, but since i bought the mobo 12 months ago there should have been a floppy to set up the system at windows partition and again at completion. (anyway its missing) So meanwhile ill let the dust settle, have a read, and see where i went wrong.
Thanks very much for your help watch this space as they say when i restart shortly.

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