Setting up printer wirelessly

  collinsc 20:16 27 Oct 2010


Can anyone advise how esy it is to set up a printer wirelessly?

Ive got a HP Deskjet F2100 All-in-one series.


  gaucho. 20:45 27 Oct 2010

place printer near to router, switch on.

Insert driver disk supplied with printer and follow instructions. Do this for all computers on the network.

You should then have an icon in network/network connections when the printer is switched on.

You then select document to print and make sure you select the correct printer if you have other printers installed.

  collinsc 21:17 27 Oct 2010

great, thanks

  kristain 05:33 28 Oct 2010

Here are the steps to setup wireless printer:

1. Insert the CD that comes with the wireless HP printer into any computer that will use the printer. This will allow to setup the initial software and allow you to configure the initial network settings.

2. Choose where to install the software and which components of the software to install. Typical components for HP printers include the network utility and project creation software. If you already have software for project creation, you don't need to install this. You won't need to install either component for other computers in order to use the printer.

3. Turn on the HP printer when prompted. Don't connect it to a computer unless directed by the software. If the printer isn't recognized by the software, you may be asked to temporarily connect it via a provided USB cable.

4. Choose a printer name and an IP address. The IP address can be dynamic or you can create a static IP address. For larger networks, dedicate a static IP address or allow the HP software to choose a static IP for you to prevent conflicts on your network.

5. Press "Continue" to complete the wireless HP printer installation. The entire process can take up to 30 minutes if you install all software components.

6. Install the printer on other computers by going to "Start -- Printers and Faxes -- Add a Printer." Choose "A Network Printer" to view a list of network printers. Choose the printer name from Step 4 to install and access the wireless printer.

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  collinsc 22:39 23 Nov 2010

There was no option to set up wireless access when installing. Can i do this retrospectively?

  morddwyd 09:27 24 Nov 2010

Be careful about your sequence of operations with HP All in Ones.

The sequence can be critical, so follow your instructions exactly.

If you have already installed the software you may have to uninstall it first.

You may also have to connect the printer to the network (wirelessly) before installing the software.

I re-installed my HP from wired to wireless last night so my experience is current!

  collinsc 18:31 24 Nov 2010

thanks! - just checked and mine isnt wireless compatible - needs an upgrade! oh well!

  morddwyd 19:45 24 Nov 2010

That'll make it difficult, every time!

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