Setting up phone to use my Wi-Fi connection..Help!

  six-h 22:59 22 Dec 2009

Hope FE doesn't move this to "Mobile World", 'cos there's no one there. lol
I've got a Samsung Omnia i900, and can't persuade it to talk to my router.
It can see it and gets a strong signal, but there's a little padlock showing by the signal meter, and the connection is never made,it just remains "available".
I've entered my router key and set the authentication/encryption to WPA-PSK and TKIP.
Do I need to have a SIM card in the phone to achieve this?

  ambra4 04:15 23 Dec 2009

“Do I need to have a SIM card in the phone to achieve this?”

I believe you answer your own question

I know of no mobile phone worldwide that will work without the sim card installed

  six-h 13:00 23 Dec 2009

Thanks ambra4 and ßeta,
I'm still not clear on this.
I was under the impression that a Wi-Fi capable phone was able to connect to an available network in the same way as a Netbook, Laptop or a PC.

The essence being that I could connect for free: Not using the facilities of my phone's service provider and being charged for the privilige!

  Woolwell 13:03 23 Dec 2009

I use my Nokia to connect to my wi-fi at home and then I can browse the internet on it without incurring the service provider's charges. I can also connect at free wifi hotspots eg Starbucks.
But I cannot of course make calls this way unless it is capable of using Skype or something similar.

  six-h 13:15 23 Dec 2009

Woolwell, would that we could make calls without a SIM! lol
Have you tried connecting to your home network using the phone with the SIM removed, since this is the situation I'm currently in.
As I'm not as clever as one needs to be to use this whizzy phone, I'm not sure if the failure to connect is down to an incorrect setting, or the lack of a SIM at present.

  Woolwell 13:20 23 Dec 2009

Just tried it without SIM card and it connected but asked if I wanted to continue in off-line mode.

  six-h 13:33 23 Dec 2009

Woolwell, thanks for trying that for me, a bit contradictory that it connects then asks if you want to work off line!
It seems to indicate that the SIM is involved in the connection....hope it doesn't involve some charges along the way!
I'll have to wait until I've got a suitable SIM.

  Woolwell 13:34 23 Dec 2009

Having looked at the manual on the Samsung site the little padlock means that it is a secured network.

  Woolwell 13:35 23 Dec 2009

When you access your router is the phone listed as connected?

  six-h 13:47 23 Dec 2009

Back again!
Just had a look in the router and no sign of the phone.
Tried again to connect, and after the phone says "Connecting", it just reverts to showing that my network is "Available".
Refreshing the "Home Network" page of the router, there is no sign that the phone has made a connection.

  Woolwell 13:50 23 Dec 2009

Sorry but I don't know enough about the Samsung to help. Perhaps a call to them?

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