Setting permission levels in Micro' Access xp

  [DELETED] 11:20 12 Aug 2003

Hi all

Ive created a database which is now complete.

I would like to create user levels. But it is all going wrong so far, so i need your help. :-)

I am the administrator and want to have unlimited access. Then allow users to add data to forms i have created. But not delete information or modify the design of forms, reports tables and ideally not allow the users to see the queries i have created at all.

I went to Tools - Security - User and group permissions.

On the permissions tab.Where it says "List" User, Groups with circular selection boxes. i clicked the groups option. then selecting "Admins" from the "User/Groups name" i made sure everything was ticked to allow unlimited access. Then i selected the "Users" choice from the "User/Groups name"

This time for example, i made sure the forms page was selected, i think selected a form i had created. And ticked only the boxes "open/run" and Read/Design" leaving the other two choices below it unticked.

I then saved these changes as an experiment and got a colleague to log in and try and then modify this form which i had only allowed the above two options on. He could modify the design which supposedly was now unavalable as it was unticked.

Please can anyone help as its driving me nuts. I assumed it was supposed to be an easy thing to do but it seeems to not be working at all.

Or is it a microsoft problem? im using access office XP

Any ideas what im doing wrong, please give an idiots guide on how to fix it.

Ive looked though google, but they just tell me how to give the database itself a password not how to let certain people do certain things to forms tables etc.

Thanks in advance.

  [DELETED] 12:12 12 Aug 2003

You have entered a very dark and mysterious world!

The site I use most for my Access problems is a huge forum at

click here

Where there are always tons of helpful people.

You have to become a registered user (free of charge) but there is no hassle or constant e-mails about nothing in particular!

Give 'em a try


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