Setting PC back to Factory Settings

  Redlegs 23:20 08 Nov 2008

Hi there from Sth Oz ! Problems with OutEx on my ACER PC require reset to "Fact". Recy disc 1 in , rec'd 3 warnings-- hit OK ! Receive a message from Symantec Ghost 7.0 "Error- Single user version cannot do multiple loads" hit "o" - another message "invalid dump file -- if problem persists contact Symantec Support Centre " -- hit "o" and up comes straight away -- " the rebuild has finished. Your system has been rebuilt to its factory shipped state etc " Nothing has happened and the problem remains -- have repeated this process half a doz times -- no joy. I have no programmes at all concerning Symantec or Norton. Have Googled forums all over the place as I am determined to succeed. Symantec "help" has been no help -- even had my very first "chat" session with a Symantec "analyst" in India who was "very sorry" he could not assist me.Their Web page about the vagaries of Ghost is very confusing!! I had never heard of it b4. I was advised by a mate my problem may stem from our Toshiba laptop I have wirelessly connected to my PC which came with a free 90 day trial of Norton AV but it has long expired and I can not see any evidence of any reference to it , remaining on my laptop. I was , and still am happy with my Trend Micro PC AV.
So I have come back to "PC Advisor" to pen my query and frustration, where I have received great advice in the past !! A search of PC Adv. archives FAQ revealed "no results" for "Ghost"
My thanks in anticipation Redlegs
(sorry to be so "longwinded")

  MAT ALAN 23:25 08 Nov 2008

click here

seems to me you still have remnants of Norton's products on your PC the link may help...

  Redlegs 00:37 09 Nov 2008

Hi there MAT ALAN -- thanks for your message. Thank goodness I have use of the laptop . Got the page you suggested -- looking good and brought it up on the PC but the little so and so has "spat the Dummy " again and gone into its frozen or "Not
Responding " mode with the cursor now being tracked by that little "stop watch " Thus unable to download the Norton programme at the moment. Of course I don't have a "Product Key " -- don't
intend to reload any Norton product!! , so am having a little wager with myself that the "Removal" process may need a considerable "push". The "Not Responding" message has been the cause of my Outlook Express problem
Tis a sunny day here -- just gone 11.00 am ,and am going outside to garden , so will report back later on how we went !! cheers , Redlegs

  Redlegs 22:10 09 Nov 2008

Had a crack at downloading the Norton Removal Tool and scored a cheerio from " Winzip SelfExtractor" -- "unable to create a temporary folder to extract to.Possible cause -- you do not have proper permission to create files or folders in your temporary folder.See your system or network administrator "
My PC setup is pretty simple and I believe that I myself do have the "administrator " rights.
Any advice as to how I check if I "am in charge" of my own computer and how to effect any override
to get the "Removal Tool" to run ??

  Redlegs 23:13 10 Nov 2008

Murphy is alive and well !! As a last resort, not sure why , had another go at inserting the recovery discs to go back to Factory Settings.
It went through unimpeded by the "ghost" !! and I can now say I am back on track !! ( the Ghost is something to do with the Acer Recovery discs )
Am now busy putting back all my programmes !!
thanks to MAT ALAN , cheers , Redlegs

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