setting a pc back to factory settings?

  rippanation 12:29 23 Apr 2006

hello i need help with this problem.
firstly i have got an e machine 220 pc and it came with windows xp already installed on it, now is there any way i can completely wipe the pc so it goes back to how exactly it was when i first turned it on?
i have lots of rubbish on it now including some problems such as surfsidekick and network monitor which i cannot get rid of and i am somewhat computer illiterate, i have tried many ways of removing these problems but now believe a complete restart could be the best thing for it please help. thanks.

  Graham ® 12:31 23 Apr 2006

Do you have a Windows or Recovery CD?

  rippanation 12:36 23 Apr 2006

no afraid not if i did i cannot find it will this cause a problem?

  Graham ® 12:42 23 Apr 2006

OK, re-installing Windows should be a last resort anyway. Maybe someone can help you get rid of the troublesome programs.

  rippanation 12:45 23 Apr 2006

ok i have tried many things, heres another quick question can anyone tell me how to get ( forgive me for this way of explanation) into the part of the pc that starts running programs so i can at least disable certain ones? if that makes any sense lol.

  Graham ® 12:46 23 Apr 2006

Surfsidekick removal click here

Have you run any antivirus and adware utilities?

  Graham ® 12:47 23 Apr 2006

Have to be one step at a time with this :-)

  Graham ® 13:11 23 Apr 2006

Download instal and run these programs:

Windows Defender click here

Ad-aware click here

AVG click here

Download and instal:

click here
You don't need to run this one, it runs in the background.

  BILLY MAC 14:05 23 Apr 2006

I have had two E-Machine computers and both came with restore(ghost Image of your hard drive)cd,s which should restore your computer to the way it was when you bought it and usually only takes about ten minutes.

  rippanation 16:34 23 Apr 2006

i have followed instructions but still having probs anyway i can access the startup programs?

  Graham ® 17:53 23 Apr 2006

Start, Run, 'msconfig', OK. Click the Startup tab.

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