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setting up outlook express with gmail

  Anon-514400 13:48 31 May 2017

Hi Orange email has finished as from today & im trying to setup my mail programme outlook express with gmail.

Ive followed this info:- click here and yet nothing seems to happen. I can send a message to gmail but it doesn't arrive in gmail webmail inbox. Help appreciated gaz

  Anon-218616 18:22 31 May 2017

Go to your Gmail webmail and Check that IMAP is turned on ClickHere

On your computer, open your internet browser and go to Gmail webmail.
In the top right, click Settings (cogwheel).
Click Settings.
Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
In the "IMAP Access" section, select Enable IMAP.
Click Save Changes.
  Anon-514400 18:36 31 May 2017

Yeah it's enabled it's the 1St thing it says to do.

  Anon-1792729 18:50 31 May 2017

I can send a message to gmail but it doesn't arrive in gmail webmail inbox.

I'm not sure I understand what you're doing there Gazza. The best test is to send yourself a test email in Outlook Express and see if you can receive it. If you get any error messages then I'd like to see them. You can right-click in the error window then choose copy and paste it into your reply. You can delete the first bit of any email addresses shown.

  Anon-514400 19:32 31 May 2017

Sorry squirrel I meant I sent an email from outlook express to Gmail, it went to Gmail webmail and my phone but didn't go to outlook express. Am not at the Pc at the moment will be tomorrow afternoon. There is a box that appears to confirm email and password also ports. I will post them tomorrow. Thanks.

  Anon-514400 10:19 02 Jun 2017

Hi There doesnt seem to be an error the email goes from oe but doesnt end up in oe inbox. These are my settings:-

click here


  Anon-1792729 15:18 02 Jun 2017

Thanks for the info. From what you've shown me so far, your settings look correct.

........but doesnt end up in oe inbox.

That's just so weird. Anyhow, here are a couple of things to try:

1) In the properties for your Gmail account in Outlook Express, click the "General" tab and make sure that "Include this account..........." is ticked.

2) Normally when I set up Gmail accounts in Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail I have to enable Gmail's "Allow less secure apps" feature to make it work. However, you're not getting any error messages rejecting your Gmail password. Anyhow, it may be worth you reading the "Step 2: Try these troubleshooting steps" here. If you have enabled Gmail's "Two-step verification" then you'll need to generate an "app password" or alternatively you can enable "less secure apps".

3) You could try removing Gmail from Outlook Express then setting it up again. Because it's an IMAP account you won't lose any messages.

  Anon-326855 15:30 02 Jun 2017

GMail thinks Outlook Express ( and Windows Live Mail) is a "Less secure app" See here for allowing "less secure apps to sign in" click here Apologies for not remembering this sooner....

  Anon-514400 16:12 02 Jun 2017

ah ok thats it then. Outloox Express is kinda ancient i guess compared to outlook or thunderbird i guess. where it says 'username' that being the one i sign into all google with?

  Anon-1792729 16:16 02 Jun 2017

Did you spot my reply Gazza?

  Anon-514400 19:35 02 Jun 2017

Ive tried 1 & 2 but not change, not the 2 stage verification thingy yet. Im not sure about my password for google as i cant 100% recall it however i am signed in. I just wondered if the password for gmail setting up in outlook express its the same password to sign in to google.

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