setting up outlook express.

  algo mas 10:34 03 Mar 2007

Anyone with a link for VERY simple explanation of how to do this please?

Also, sometimes when I click on "contact us" and given a link,click on this, outlook express starts up. However after I write my comments etc. I cannot "send" it.Why?


  terryf 10:43 03 Mar 2007

Can you send emails normally from Outlook Express? if this has not been set up then contact us links won't work.

  Jackcoms 11:47 03 Mar 2007

"Anyone with a link for VERY simple explanation of how to do this please?"

Most ISPs have very thorough and easy to follow instructions on their website about how to set up OE and other e-mail clients.

If you know who your ISP is, have a look there

  johndrew 15:18 03 Mar 2007

`Also, sometimes when I click on "contact us" ...`

If you are doing this from a web page then it is the link that opens OE to allow you to send the message. If you look at the address in the top line of OE you will see the mail address for the organisation you are trying to contact.

Some businesses use a different method where the link will direct you to another page on the site where you type in your message and contact details.

  algo mas 13:10 04 Mar 2007

Terryf, and others:
Yes I can send and receive emails with O.Express. But when I click "contact us" on some sites a large o.Express appears [all screen] with their email address. However I do not seem to be able to find the "send" button after writing the email.I end up copying their email address and pasting it in hotmail.

  johndrew 13:40 04 Mar 2007

The `send` button is top left in the tool bar, above the `to` address.

The only other possiblity is that you somehow are using `normal` OE and should in that case use `send/receive` - again in the tool bar but further right.

  Watchful 19:31 06 Mar 2007

Here is a link for you: click here

  Diversion 23:48 08 Mar 2007

I know what he means; you are sending a query to a website about something. You type in your details and your query and you are looking for the send button, it's usually at the very bottom of the website page. And it doesn't always say send it can say complete or next or if there is a page following it can say next page.

  Diversion 23:51 08 Mar 2007

Or if your Outlook Express needs re-installing get it free click here

  p;3 14:11 09 Mar 2007

do you have problems sending and receiving mails normally in oe?

do you have a link TO a specific site that has a 'contact us' button that has not worked for you?

  algo mas 16:36 09 Mar 2007

Hello again.
I am able to use OE normally.
My problem is that when I click "contact us" on a website, I either get their form, which is fine OR It opens up full screen OE with the address of the company on top and then the other address fields {blind cc and subject]. I am unable to send the email. The only odd thing about is ,that when I close it asks me whether I would like to save the changes.

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