setting up other e-mail accounts

  Janet-201707 14:30 22 Apr 2005

I have been trying to help set up e-mail accounts for a neighbour of mine, who has just brought a new Laptop, running XP. Using Incredimail. Get the set up wizard, set it all like on my PC, everything OK. Can set up his account, no probs, try to set up 2 others, no chance. Set up user account, usual procedure, everything say it's OK, recieve all the welcome and help bits and bobs in other accounts, go to send an e-mail, get an error message that tells me either username or password is incorrect, reset everything, encounter same problem. What might I NOT be doing correctly??? I have tried doing same on my own PC and Whoops, same problem. Any ideas, please?????? thanks Janet

  Technotiger 14:50 22 Apr 2005

Hi, have a look here under 'Getting Started' - this may help.

click here


  Janet-201707 18:29 22 Apr 2005

Hello thanks for your help. Had already gone through the help menu to try to solve this, still got nowhere. Firewall that is in use is the XP one and I am unable to find any mention or reference to IMApp.exe:ImNotfy.exe:IncMail.exe:ImpCnt.exe so cannot check the settings


  Technotiger 18:58 22 Apr 2005

Hi, I don't think the firewall is the problem here. I am using XP Home/SP2 and I use Kerio Firewall and I have also a built-in hardware firewall in my modem - Incredimail is not mentioned in either of them, and I use Incredimail without any problems at all - I only have one account though.

Have you tried contacting Incredimail?


  Technotiger 19:03 22 Apr 2005

Another thought - when you use the wizard to set-up another account, are you letting the wizard do everything. It would probably be better if you entered the account details yourself, rather than let the wizard do it. I cannot remember exactly, but I do know that at one point during the set-up it does ask if you want to enter the details yourself or let the wizard do it.

  Janet-201707 19:06 22 Apr 2005

I haven't contacted Incredimail,but think I may have to as on home PC we have it set with seperate halves, mine on one, my man's on t'other and can not set up more than one account on mine but can get two on his. Just tried setting up an e-mail account with Outlook Express, encoutered exactly the same problem. don't get it!!!!!


  Janet-201707 19:09 22 Apr 2005

yes I have set the wizard myself, for what it seems to want to do is get the settings from another account(say Outlook Express)


  Technotiger 19:18 22 Apr 2005

Perhaps if you setup another free email address first, then enter that new one into Incredimail?

Create a Free Email today
at Yahoo! Mail. 250mb storage, anti virus installed. Sign up today!

  Technotiger 19:19 22 Apr 2005
  Janet-201707 19:26 22 Apr 2005

Thanks for that suggestion. Is Yahoo up to much? I do already have an account with them but never used it. Is it possible to set up more than one account without encountering the probbs I am having currently with the others. Just spent the past hour trying to set up two accounts with Outlook Express and got nought. Same problem.UGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!"!!! Coudn't you SWEAR. Thanks. I'll give Yahoo a try.

  Technotiger 19:34 22 Apr 2005

I believe some people using Yahoo swear by it. I have used it in the past, still have an account with them, but rarely use it.

Good luck anyway - Couldn't you ? Yes :-))

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