setting up of opera email acc in aol communicator?

  [DELETED] 20:53 02 Nov 2003

hi using aol communicator wanting to import the various email accounts i have ,how do i find out my host and server address?,anybody out there can talk me through it please-regards -hol pol...

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  [DELETED] 00:25 03 Nov 2003

Somewhere in the prog will have something similar to

Pop3 server

Incoming mail(Pop3)=mail.your-isp

Outgoing mail(smtp)smtp.your-isp

  [DELETED] 01:16 03 Nov 2003

as my isp is aol and i want to import my pop 3 acc from opera to aol communicator it will be something like -pop3 mail is this right? anymore comments please -regards -hol pol...

  [DELETED] 08:31 03 Nov 2003

bump problem still not sorted -hol pol...

  Simsy 14:27 03 Nov 2003

If I'm reading this correctly you've got it the wrong way around...

You have your email provided by Opera, which you pay Opera for... Is that statement correct? (If that is not correct then I don't think you can get your opera email via an email client... you have to read/write it via a web browser.)

You want to use Netscape communicator as the tool to read the email... Is that correct?

If the answer to both is correct, then, (and I'm not familiar with communicator so I'm guessing!), it will be something like "pop3 mail" not, as you are suggesting "pop3 mail"

I hope this makes sense, and is of some help! My apologies if it's just muddied things!



  [DELETED] 14:42 03 Nov 2003

Reread it,and Opera has an email client included.In its cfg,you put your email addy,which would likely have similar isn't an email app(like Outlook Express)its (Opera) email uses OE/Outlook cfg,I just looked in my Opera cfg's and it ONLY offers Outlook Express.So I doubt if it will work with other email apps.

  [DELETED] 17:09 03 Nov 2003

gday perhaps ,it would be better if i gave the whole story ,aol user as you know aol doesnt have provision to use outlook etc ,then along came aol communicator ,this supposedly gives you the ability to check and send all your email to just like outlook ,set up opera email and yahoo email it is tiresome having to open up the opera browser /ie browser to check my email at these accounts ,anybody know how to do this please?-r5egards -hol pol...

  [DELETED] 17:27 03 Nov 2003

I've just had a word with,"He He" a forum member, he might know and is having a look for you. j.

  [DELETED] 17:30 03 Nov 2003

gday john ,many thanks -appreciate it -hol pol...

  [DELETED] 17:38 03 Nov 2003

Go into AOL communicator >>> edit (on the toolbar) >>> New account >>> Email account with an internet service provider, then follow those instructions...I think thats what you mean? or do you need the POP3 addresses for Opera mail?

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