Setting up a (non) gmail account

  Ian in Northampton 19:36 18 Dec 2010

A publishing company I do some freelancing for set up a ‘special’ email address for me, using gmail, as I’d found that using my regular, personal gmail email address often meant that my questions to interviewees ended up in their spam folder, and I never got a reply. Their company rules don’t allow freelancers to have company email addresses – e.g. [email protected] – so the address they set up for me was [email protected] – ‘The Very Good Magazine’ being the magazine I write for. Other than my email address, though, doesn’t exist – there’s no domain name of that name, for example. The key thing is that [email protected] is a gmail account.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because I’ve just set up a limited company, and I’d like an address that reflects this - e.g. [email protected]. I’m not yet ready to set up as a domain – I just want the email address, and I want it to be a gmail account.

So, finally, my question. Can I set up such an account? Or are ABC company who set up my [email protected] gmail address a gmail corporate user who are able to get Google to do this kind of stuff for them – and it’s something that mere mortals/individuals can’t do?.

Any insight much welcomed.

  rdave13 20:02 18 Dec 2010

Never used this but could it be useful? click here
Plus you can use gmail 'from' address; click here

  jack O'lantern 20:33 18 Dec 2010

Are webmail accounts.
You ISP howevever will allow multiple addresses.
To achieve this you will need to work through an E-mail Client such as
M/S Outlookexpress [or its Vista or System 7 eqivilent-] assuminging your machine is a PC as opposed to a Mac. another E-mail client is Mozilla Thunderbird or Eudura click here
This is also Mac

  Woolwell 20:49 18 Dec 2010

Gmail isn't just webmail. I access gmail through Outlook and the e-mail client on my phone.

I wonder if you could set up a domain name and then have it auto forward to a gmail account?

  rdave13 21:06 18 Dec 2010

That is what I suggested in previous post. My AOL mail is transferred to Gmail so my AOL account never builds up as I save any I want on the Gmail servers. Replying through gmail shows my aol addy when I set up for that.
Only thing I need to do is log on to my AOL email account, occationally, to remove any spam. I know both are webmail but will also work with any client mail.

  Ian in Northampton 10:33 19 Dec 2010

Many thanks guys - that's all very helpful. Following up on the Google apps thing, it looks as if the company I freelance for actually owns the emaila ddress domain name click here, which is why they could do that - they didn't just pluck it from thin air. However, rdave's first suggestion looks promising. I'll mark this as resolved.

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