Setting up a new website from scratch

  PCAPaul 15:02 16 Jul 2003

I want to set up a brand new website (my first attempt) to exhibit my company's products and services.

i have some technical (not in depth) experience

I want the best - I've been recommended to use Dreamweaver..... any views pls?

  Bill90210 18:17 16 Jul 2003

Hey, I've recently started my own and used Frontpage. I realised that it didn't really give me the styles and design that I really wanted and it was too plain and boring to be honest!
I grabbed a book- learn HTML in a weekend and HTML in an instant and it's so easy and you can create the look and design that YOU want!
It's up to you, but personally, i wouldn't use a programme to create it( although I've had no experience with Dreamweaver!) and HTML is loads better and more personal! Plus, it's dead easy to learn!!

  Jarvo 19:02 16 Jul 2003

I created my first website using frontpage had great fun doing so but my second was created for a collage assesment using note pad and writing html. I agree that html gives you more controle, but frontpage/dreamweaver gives you speed. For my next website I will probably use frontpage and edit the html to get the effects I want. I would recomend Sams html and xhtml in 24 hours if you want a book that is writen in plain english and allows you to jump chapters picking out the bits you need. If you click on the contact me page on my website you can download my assesment report that tells you how I constructed my site.

click here

  Taran 02:56 17 Jul 2003

For a general discussion of Dreamweaver and FrontPage, click here

Learning HTML is useful and I always recommend that anyone interested in web design learns at least some code. Both Dreamweaver and FrontPage, and all other similar web editing programs generate the HTML for you while you get on with choosing how your page element will look and where you want them to be.

I always suggest FrontPage above all other web editors for anyone coming into web design for a lot of very good reasons. It is comparatively easy to use early on with lots of hand holding and built in tutorials, it can produce superb results in the right hands, it shares its ease of use with an amazing array of features which, when you bother to learn them, open up a whole new world of web design potential. Too many people never see past the cheesy themes and wizard generated page templates and in doing so they never even see just how powerful FrontPage can actually be.

Dreamweaver is just about as good as it gets but it is far more complicated to learn, not nearly as intuitive when you are starting out, but is arguably more powerful if your needs are likely to stretch into dynamic data driven sites requiring ASP or PHP pages.

I can't really think of anything I can do in Dreamweaver that I can't in FrontPage and vice versa. At the end of the day, it's entirely down to the nut at the keyboard to make or break the site, regardless of the software you use.

Macromedia offer a trial download of Dreamweaver, so you could always try it for a month and see how you come along before parting with any cash.



  jakag 09:25 18 Jul 2003

Do make sure it works in other browsers than ie

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