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Setting up new iPad in my home

  Ex plorer 06:17 16 Jan 2018

Hi my brother is buying his first computer an iPad at 72.

He doesn’t have a network provider as yet.

If I set it up for him in my home under my provider will it copy my photos and other privet files or messages devices to his new iPad from my iPhone/iPad.

I will set him up with a new email address and password.


  SANAP 21:33 18 Jan 2018

It should give you the options but make sure its set up as a standalone ie new apple id, new email but these ipads are so automated be careful.

  BRYNIT 22:01 18 Jan 2018

Instructions on how to set up a new iPad CLICK HERE as long as you connect it via wifi and do not use your own account your files will not go onto the iPad.

Connecting the iPad via USB to your computer will open iTunes, if you do not read all pop ups/messages you could accidentally sync your files to the new iPad.

1]: [click here

  BRYNIT 22:04 18 Jan 2018

Forgot to say as you are setting it up remember to record your self of all password etc just in case your brother forgets them.

  Ex plorer 09:07 19 Jan 2018

Thanks for the tips and links in setting up it’s all appreciated I feel more confident now.

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