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  Bjthene 18:56 24 Aug 2004

I'm setting up a network for my parents. 1 PC running XP Home. I laptop running XP Pro. both connected to a broadband router on the LAN connection and a cable modem connected to WAN. Both can access the net ok but cannot talk to each other. Access is denied to each others files although they are set to share. Have set the system up via the network wizard. to compund matters niether can communicate to the printer which is connected to a USB port on the router. Am I missing something as far as connections are concerned. Both computers are set as administrators but I tried accessing as limited accounts

  chub_tor 19:16 24 Aug 2004

Check the firewall(s); I had a similar problem with machines running XP and Me and I discovered that by unchecking the XP firewall box and just using the firewall in the router plus Blackice I was able to get the machines and the printer talking to each other.

  howard60 20:15 24 Aug 2004

make sure the built in xp firewall is off. I always set IP address manually. go to network connections and right click - properties - then check in advanced tab for firewall. then right click on internet protocol and properties. on the main pc set IP address to 192;168;0;1 on other pc set 192;168;0;2 both to have subset mask 255;255;255;0 then on the second pc set gateway and dns to 192;168;0;1. make sure internet connection sharing is enabled on the main pc and put any old file in shared documents - dont know why but it seems to help. You have of course made sure all pcs are set to the same workgroup? ie MSHOME or anything you like as long as the same.

  neko 21:13 24 Aug 2004


I could not get XP pro and XP home talking until I created two accounts that were identical on each machine. Another words the same user accounts with the same passwords. Don't know why.

  Bjthene 21:52 24 Aug 2004

Thanks for the advice. It was the firewalls (which are now redundant as the router has a better firewall installed). The network is now buzzing - although the printer will not work yet but I'm tired and want to go home so l'll try and sort that out later.

Thanks again

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