Setting up network with XP Pro

  The Transporter 12:40 04 Oct 2003

Hi all

Im back at uni and trying to set up a network between PC's. runnning XP. Am having some problems though due to having a small amount of experience in this area of computing.

We are using broadband, through Pipex, which we are very impressed with. But inconvieniently we have been given a modem, which uses a usb port to connect to the net.

So the plan we have is use a computer which is connected to the net through the supplied usb/modem. Then from a network card in this computer run a cat 5 cable to a router, and from the router to the pc's in our house.

But this is proving to be a headache. At the moment we are trying to just get the Pc's to see each other through the router before worrying about getting internet access.

We have tried using the wizards for network connections etc, but are having no luck. I can create a shared drive and so can my house mates. But we can't see each others pc's.

Any ideas would be great and a step by step guide would be excellent.

I have used google for guides etc but no luck.

Im using a 4 port Linksys Router and onboard Lan, which is enabled. My network connection gives me an IP address from the router but that is as far as i can get.


Thanks in advance.

  Sir Radfordin 14:18 04 Oct 2003

Firstly, I don't think using a Router will allow you to share the ADSL as you seem to hope. You will need to use the PC that has the USB Modem connected to it to act as a proxy server. Thats fairly easy to do using Win XP Pro.

I would start by taking all the cables out and starting again doing as follows:

Plug the USB modem into the server PC. Get that connection working.

Next plug the CAT5 cable into the network card on the server and any client PCs.

Next make sure any firewalls are disabled (or better uninstalled!).

Next run the Network setup wizard on the server PC. You need to say that you are going to share the ADSL connection and that this PC connects directly to the Internet via that connection.

Create the floppy disk when prompted.

Put the floppy disk into the client PCs and there should be a file you can run on them that will run the Network config wizard and make them all work.

Post back if you have any problems.

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