Setting up a network for a small business

  esaali97 10:42 14 Sep 2018


So I've been searching online on advice of how to set up the following: - I want to set up a shared folder on a server (based in germany) which shows up as a drive on the PC's that I have set up - I want to set up my PC's like some companies have where the windows has the username and password from the server and all PC's can be accessed by a certain individual as long as they use their login and passwrod (Abit like libraries) - I want to be able to set up the PC in a way that its internet connection goes through the server in germany so that the shared folder stays updated as well as all the PC can be monitored and anything being searched or done on it can be traced etc.

Is there any company that can be recommended to discuss with or how do I do this?

Much appreciated

  Forum Editor 12:13 14 Sep 2018

Do you have any experience of working with networks?

You can map a folder on a remote server to multiple drives (which is what you want to do) by using a group policy. The shared folder will consequently be available to all users, as will its contents.

I'm not sure what you mean when you say "I want to be able to set up the PC in a way that its internet connection goes through the server in germany". Your computer will have to be connected to the internet before it can see the German server, as will all other computers.

Once the network server is set up in Germany, the rest is relatively straightforward - remote computers can login and use any shared resources. The network administrator can monitor what goes on, and see all the network users coming and going.

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