Setting Up a Network, Lost Internet Connection

  sconeyj 19:59 11 May 2006


I was trying to set up a wireless network so I could share files across my two laptops in my home. However, during setting up the first computer's connection, the internet connection itself was lost and as of yet I have not been able to reconnect. I think that this may have been because I set up a Local Area Network which generally uses wires I believe, not the Wireless Connection which for some reason I failed to see.

How do I go about retrieving my internet? It comes up with 'Limited or No Connectivity' from the System Tray and clicking Repair seems to do nothing.


  ade.h 20:57 11 May 2006

You do not need to use the Wireless Wizard. Categorically unnecessary, so don't worry about that. It's important to see the network and the connections across that network as two entirely seperate things; the network is created using the Network Setup Wizard once the connections have been established, while the wireless connections are established by using Windows' ability to search for and connect to available networks.

So you need to start from a wired PC and ensure that all the relevant settings in the router config are correct. Then move over to a wireless PC (they can be one and the same if you make use of your wireless PC's RJ45 port; the Ethernet connection does not have to be permanent) and look for available networks (remembering to refresh the list manually otherwise you won't see any). Then attempt to connect and create the required rules in your client firewall when prompted to do so.

  ade.h 20:59 11 May 2006

And do not use any form of encryption until you have established the wireless link. Do not, whatever you do, try to enable encryption over an active wireless link - you'll crash it - so disconnect the wireless and go back to the RJ45 link temporarily.

  ade.h 18:44 16 May 2006


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