Setting up a network at home

  AJ25 09:40 05 Mar 2005

I have a new MESH Pc whihc if fairly high end.
I have a BT Broadband Connection

I want to be able to access the net on my laptop (IBM Thinkpad with Centrino)

The PC came with WiFi Capability (at the back of the PC is an Antenna connection. Also an ASUS antenna can with it.

Of less importance is to try to connect an old Dell PC to the network once I have solved the first problem

  FelixTCat 10:29 05 Mar 2005

Make sure that both pcs have the same workgroup name but different computer names.

Run the networking wizard on the Mesh, telling it you wish to connect another computer to the internet through this one.

Run the networking wizard on the IBM telling it that you will connect through another pc.

Make sure that the firewalls on both computers are set to allow networking.

On the IBM, open a DOS box and type "ipconfig" [Enter] It should show an ip address in the range 192.168.0.x

You should now be connected.

If you are having trouble, check the IBM wireless adaptor software that it is in ad-hoc mode.

If you want to share files between the computers, you must set file and printer sharing and then share at least one file, folder or drive on each computer.

  Forum Editor 11:01 05 Mar 2005

the two computers wirelessly weren't you AJ25?

You don't say if the IBM laptop has a wireless adapter, but if it doesn't you'll need to get one - either a PCMCIA card type, or an external USB adapter. If you opt for the USB type make sure you install the software before connecting the adapter.

If you would like to go online via the IBM without having to turn the Mesh machine on you can, but you'll need to buy a wireless router - then each machine can function without the other being on. These routers - many of which come with an ADSL modem built-in - are extremely easy to set up, and your two computers will automatically detect the connection without you having to do anything. What will happen is that you will be offered a detected wireless network when you first start the machine after installing the router - select this network and click the 'connect' button, and it will be set as the default network by Windows XP.

You don't have to run the networking wizard in this context - unless of course you want to share files between the two machines.

  Forum Editor 11:04 05 Mar 2005

that your old Dell can be provided with internet access at any time, once you have the router. Simply add a wireless network adapter (internal or external) to it and it will have access to the broadband connection.

  AJ25 11:39 05 Mar 2005

Is that I don;t know what I've got on my equipment. The MESH came without anything remotely close to instuctions and the IBM is a work pc so again I've no idea what I have.

IBM is XP Pro.

So far I have picked up wireless internet in hotspots and also there are lots of secure netwoks the BM picks up on.

So given the two answers I have so far, I'm still none the wiser as to what I have to go and buy.

  FelixTCat 13:58 05 Mar 2005

Nothing. You already have a wireless network connector on the Mesh and a wireless adapter in the IBM (it is a Centrino, and all Centrino laptops have a wireless network adapter).

Since you are on broadband, I am assuming that you have firewall and antivirus programs installed on the Mesh - I would expect the IBM to have that if it is a work pc.

All you have to do is follow the instructions above.

  Strawballs 00:48 08 Mar 2005

As the Forum editor has explained you need a wirelss router and a wireless adapter for the dell.

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