Setting up a Network Help!

  dave726587 20:39 23 Oct 2006

Ok this is what i got. Downstairs in my house there is a desktop pc which is connected to a wireless router via Lan. My laptop is mostly upstairs connected throght wireless (the same router) which i am using now and i have another desktop in the next room upstairs. I would like to setup a network only for the 2 upstairs computers which does not involve the downstairs computer becasue that is not mine. I want the desktop upstairs to recieve internet through my laptops wireless connection (Is this possible)and to be able to share a printer for upstairs. Is there also a way for the computers to share folders?


could you also tell me what i need to build this network.

  mgmcc 21:03 23 Oct 2006

If your laptop and the downstairs computer both connect to the wireless router for their internet access, then they are networked. However, you can disable "File & Printer Sharing" on your Wireless Network Connection, so that the router only provides your Internet access and your PC's files are inaccessible from the downstairs PC.

Connect your laptop and the upstairs PC directly with a "crossover" ethernet cable, enable Internet Connection Sharing on the Wireless Network Connection and the desktop PC will have internet access via the laptop. One important proviso - the wireless router must not operate in the Subnet as that is used by Internet Connection Sharing and an IP address conflict will arise with two devices in the network having the address

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