setting up mentor router with wannado broadband

  ecclesk 15:18 27 Mar 2006

i will be setting up a mentor router with 2 pc's sharing a wannado broadband connection,

At the moment i have 1 pc, no router, speedtouch modem, i want to install the router to allow me to share the broadband connection with another pc upstars and also to use printer sharing, all wiring is in place i just wondered if any has any advice before i start.

  Danoh 10:27 28 Mar 2006

I don't know the Mentor ADSL router but I did a quick search on google and found these; click here click here
If you do the same, you will find many useful titbits. These forums are also a good source.

Wired networking of 2 PCs should be simplicity itself, so nothing else to be considered until you have a go and hit problems when we can help again.

While you are waiting, decide on a unique name for the Workgroup which both PCs will belong to, as well as names for each.
To set these, click on Control Panel> System> Computer Name>

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