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Setting up laptop for a relative

  john bunyan 07:10 12 Jul 2019

A 24 year old granddaughter, clever and good at actually using a PC is also poor at setting up a PC . She travels a lot and has asked me to help buy and set up a PC whilst she is away from UK. I don’t want her MS Outlook passwords etc. Can I use my own credentials as administrator of the PC to install MBAM etc, updates and so on, then when she’s back put her on as administrator? I would not put any data on but want to help with setting up filing

  Taff™ 13:30 12 Jul 2019

Hi John!

When you give the first account a name it asks you to log in with Midrosoft Account. At the bottom of the dialog box is a small blue link that says something like "Don't know this persons details" or Log in with a local account instead" - click that .......

Just use Avast Free BUT don't put any security on until you have updated Windows because it will slow down the setups (See Below). It won't ask you for registration until trial period is up.

Then, bear in mind that the Windows V1903 just came out spend some time forcing updates down it's throat! Even if it tells you the damn thing is upto date Check again LOL

That might take overnight so go for a pint!

  john bunyan 16:07 12 Jul 2019


Thanks again; will follow those steps when I get the PC

  Taff™ 16:11 12 Jul 2019

Shout me if you need help my old mate!

  john bunyan 16:24 12 Jul 2019


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